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SEC Power Poll

SEC Power Poll, Week 6: Simmer

It was a relatively calm week in the rankings, but a win over the Dawgs powered a jump by the Vols among our voters

SEC Power Poll, Week 5: Shuffle

There's a familiar face at the top of our weekly survey of SEC bloggers, and a new name sits at the bottom

SEC Power Poll, Week 4: Threat

The Rebels remain in first place by a narrow margin after a close call against Vanderbilt, but Georgia is gaining; and the consensus about the No. 14 team has completely shattered

SEC Power Poll, Week 3: Coup

We have a new, unanimous top team after the Rebels knock off the Tide. Alabama falls to fourth, and there's more controversy brewing at the bottom of the list

SEC Power Poll, Week 2: The 'Mushy Middle' Returns

Alabama is in the top spot, followed by a tie between Georgia and Ole Miss. And Vanderbilt is no longer the unanimous No. 14 team in the SEC

SEC Power Poll: SURPRISE! Alabama's No. 1

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Georgia slides in at second place and Auburn gets third in our first rankings this season

SEC Power Poll, Week 15: Disperse

Meanwhile, the Missouri Tigers are confusing everyone after a weekend full of surprising results scrambles the survey

SEC Power Poll, Week 14: Ennui

Ole Miss and Arkansas are the only teams that see much of a shift in their status after a weekend full of cupcake games

SEC Power Poll, Week 13: Resurgence

The top team is more familiar to No. 1 than some of the other squads that have held that place this year, but the Mississippi schools and Georgia are also doing well

SEC Power Poll, Week 12: Converge

Some teams are getting closer to being unanimous choices, while some teams are still seeing a wide disparity in our voters' perceptions. But Mississippi State remains in first place for now

SEC Power Poll, Week 10: Unanimity

The Western Division Bulldogs stand alone as the top team in the SEC Power Poll as we move into Week 10

SEC Power Poll, Week 9: Stability

Mississippi State and Ole Miss continue to lead the way after Blowout Saturday, but we do have some movement in the middle and lower areas of the rankings

SEC Power Poll, Week 8: Apocalyptic

The Bulldogs take first for the first time ever -- though claiming the title has not always been the best luck this year. Ole Miss clocks in at second while Auburn drops to third. Missouri plummets four places after getting shut out by Georgia

SEC Power Poll, Week 7: Shake

Auburn claims No. 1 as the honor changes hands once again, while the teams from the Magnolia State are deadlocked. The victims of the week's upsets slide down the rankings

SEC Power Poll, Week 6: Solidifying

The Crimson Tide is moving closer to a consensus at No. 1, as a week full of near-upsets and one actual upset shakes up the rankings

SEC Power Poll, Week 5: Upheaval

The Tide leads very, very narrowly, while everyone seems to be confused about just about everything from the fourth spot to the 13th. But Vanderbilt is still No. 14 on every ballot

SEC Power Poll Week 4: Tied at the Top

A familiar face returns to the top of the rankings after the reigning top-ranked team goes down in flames

SEC Power Poll for Week 3: Consolidating

The Bulldogs' are becoming even more entrenched at the top of our rankings, and Vanderbilt continues to be the unanimous choice for the bottom. Where did everyone else land?

SEC Power Poll Results for Week 2

The state of Alabama's near-lock on the top spot in the survey of SEC bloggers has been broken. And another team's lengthy streak of not being in last place has also come to an end

SEC Power Poll Final Results: Auburn Wins This One

The Tigers take the top prize unanimously, locking the Tigers into the No. 2 spot. And nobody can agree on what the middle of the conference looks like

SEC Power Poll, Week 15: Impact

There's something that happened this week that hasn't happened in our poll in two years. And we have a tie between two teams in the same state in our final poll of the regular season

SEC Power Poll After Week 14

Guess who's No. 1 now?

SEC Power Poll, Week 14: Upended

Some of the teams have changed their lot in our poll significantly since the preseason -- for better or for worse

SEC Power Poll Ballot After Week 13

In which I explain how Texas A&M was "exposed"

SEC Power Poll, Week 13: Deadlock

The differences are getting narrower between some of the teams showing up, but the turnout could have something to do with that

SEC Power Poll, Week 11: Tweaked

There are only a few moves here and there as the season enters the stretch run, but one team's drop is particularly difficult to figure out

SEC Power Poll Ballot for Week 11

Not a lot of major changes, just some nipping and tucking that needed to be done

SEC Power Poll, Week 10: Clutter

It's Alabama, Auburn and then your guess is as good as ours when it comes to this week's SEC Power Poll. But Arkansas and Kentucky are really bad

SEC Power Poll Ballot After Week 9

Can you tell me who should be ranked first among Georgia, Missouri and South Carolina? Didn't think so

SEC Power Poll, Week 9: Chaos

There's upheaval across the poll after Upset Saturday, though voters agree on the top two teams. At least until another week of games comes along

SEC Power Poll, Week 8: Consolidate

After the Missouri upset, there are some changes near the top of the SEC Power Poll. But voters are ironically beginning to agree on some teams

SEC Power Poll Ballot After Week 7

The Missouri win prompts a few changes, and the bottom of the SEC remains a mess