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SEC Power Poll 2014: First Rankings Have Georgia Bulldogs at No. 1, Auburn Tigers at No. 2

The state of Alabama's near-lock on the top spot in the survey of SEC bloggers has been broken. And another team's lengthy streak of not being in last place has also come to an end

Scott Cunningham


1. Georgia Bulldogs, 147 points (6 first-place votes)
2. Auburn Tigers, 135 (2)
3. Texas A&M Aggies, 132 (1)
4. Alabama Crimson Tide, 131 (2)
5. LSU Tigers, 115
6. Ole Miss Rebels, 87
7. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 78
8. South Carolina Gamecocks, 74
9. Missouri Tigers, 70
10. Florida Gators, 62
11. Tennessee Volunteers, 57
12. Kentucky Wildcats, 29
13. Arkansas Razorbacks, 27
14. Vanderbilt Commodores, 11

And the season already begins with something of a surprise result. The state of Alabama's stranglehold over No. 1 in the poll has been broken -- by the Dawgs. This is the first time in years that Georgia has been in the top spot, and the story is similar for Vanderbilt -- the only unanimous team in the poll this year. Losing to Temple will do that to you.

Georgia's likely benefiting here from a bit of resume voting -- if you're going strictly by which opponent a team played and how well, you pretty much have to go with the Dawgs or the Aggies -- and some confusion this year about who was a preseason favorite. I am a bit surprised that the Tide's lackluster showing against West Virginia was apparently enough to knock them all the way down to No. 4, though the margin between Texas A&M and Alabama is one.

There's also a pretty distinct drop between No. 5 LSU and No. 6 Ole Miss, and another dramatic fall between No. 11 Tennessee and No. 12 Kentucky. But everyone recognizes that futility has returned to Nashville. Voters?


Saban and Smart continue to struggle with defending the hurry up no huddle, and I came away convinced that a team that executes it better and has better athletes than West Virginia could have ruined the Tide's opener. Not coincidentally such a team exists southwest of Tuscaloosa just west of the Georgia line.--Dawg Sports

West Virginia kept it closer than Tide fans would've liked, but the production was there for all to see. Get your Lane Kiffin jokes in while you still can, y'all.--Rock M Nation

538 yards, but only 33 points against last season's 99th-ranked scoring defense, and Nick Saban tells us we need to "fess up" about Junior's greatness.--Get the Picture


Hung in there for a half, so progress of a sorts.  Not to mention Brandon Allen completed over half his pass attempts.-- Get the Picture

I don't believe Arkansas goes winless in the SEC this year. They gave Auburn fits in the first half of the game, and their offense will be capable of pulling some games out as long as their defense shores up a bit.--College and Magnolia

If the first half is a preview of things to come, then bring it on. I'm afraid the second half is what we'll see more of this season though.--Arkansas Fight


It was always assumed the offense would work regardless of who was under center, but Malzahn went out and proved it this weekend.--And the Valley Shook

Auburn looks to be back where they were mid-season last year. The only downside is they were a couple of breaks going against them from being Texas A&M with a less sexy coach last year.--Georgia Sports Blog

Picking up where they left off last season.--A Sea of Blue


Dear Jeremy Foley: This is God's way of giving you one more chance to can Will Muschamp before your season starts. Do not ignore the signs!--Dawg Sports


Still scoreless in 2014.--Georgia Sports Blog


The Dawgs had the most impressive win over one of the toughest opponents this week. Before I go to sleep, I check under my bed for Todd Gurley.--Rock M Nation

In a weekend during which every SEC team exposed their flaws, Georgia showed off their strengths.--And the Valley Shook

Gurley is a beast, but Georgia's defense isn't being given enough credit for their performance. If the secondary continues to improve, the story of this season could be more about defense than Gurley.--Georgia Sports Blog


Okay, it was just an impressive win against a lousy FCS team, but it's not like the ‘Cats won't take those when they happen.--Get the Picture

Dominated a FCS team. I wouldn't call that progress, but it wasn't a negative.--And the Valley Shook

Before we get too excited about them, let's remember this looked a lot like their game against Alabama State last season.--Georgia Sports Blog


Once again Les Miles stumbled crotch-first into a swarm of killer bees, but managed to maintain his composure long enough to notice a winning lottery ticket sitting next to the hive. This is no longer just luck. Miles has a preternatural calm, and his team buys into it. Even when, as last night against Wisconsin, they seem bent on losing, and doing so grotesquely. On the flip side, we  now know that Kenny Hilliard is capable of putting the team on his back, that Leonard Fournette is not in fact 11 feet tall and bulletproof, and that when Les waits essentially until kickoff to name a starting quarterback he probably has a d----d good reason.--Dawg Sports

One day, America will realize that Les Miles is screwing with it.--Get the Picture

I've seen this movie before. Miles doesn't know the meaning of the word panic. Or most words, honestly.--And the Valley Shook


Boise State played the Rebels much closer than the final score suggests, but a win's a win. Doctor Bo sewed up another patient with his signature wonky stat-line.--Rock M Nation

Dr. Bo had the most Dr. Bo game ever: 387 yards, 4 TD, and 3 picks.--And the Valley Shook

The Rebel defense looked as strong as any SEC unit. If Bo Wallace can stop throwing balls to the other team, this could be a formidable opponent.--Arkansas Fight


Everybody hop on the Dak Prescott hype train, it's heading straight for the Heisman! CHOO-CHOO!--Rock M Nation

Stomped a mid-major, which is more than you can say for some conference teams.--Get the Picture

The offense looked very good. The defense looked good enough. Good start for the fighting Dan Mullens.--A Sea of Blue


The passing game sputtered and the secondary looked porous, but the Tigers made enough plays to win by a reasonable margin. The Tigers still have some kinks to work out, but the running game and defensive line should give them time to do so.--Rock M Nation

I think the Tigers offense will be ok with Mauk. The question mark will be their defense.--Georgia Sports Blog

I would have expected a bigger margin in this one.--A Sea of Blue


Possibly the best 0-1 team in the state of South Carolina.--Georgia Sports Blog

That defense lost a lot, and it showed ... a lot.--A Sea of Blue



Owners of the most soft bigotry of low expectations win of the opening week.--Get the Picture

Tennessee looked impressive at home against Utah State. I still think they're going to struggle this season, but squeaking into a bowl game isn't outside the realm of possibility.--College and Magnolia

That win over Utah State felt like talent winning out over a mid-major team. The good news is that Tennessee has that talent now.--Alligator Army


WHAT! The Aggie offense doesn't look like it will skip much of a beat without that one guy at quarterback, and the defense losing several starters from last year may have been their best offseason change.--Rock M Nation

The Aggies had the most impressive win of the opening week, beating a top ten opponent on the road. The defense still looks shaky, but with an offense that good, how much will that matter?--Get the Picture

A savage beatdown of a team supposed to contend for the SEC title. Johnny who?--And the Valley Shook


Calling the Dores' opener against Temple a dumpster fire is inadequate to describe the carnage. It was more of a dumpster fire with a box of kittens inside that got out of control and burned down a children's museum. There, that's better.--Dawg Sports

Hello darkness, my old friend. Mason may get Vandy on the track that James Franklin had them heading down, but this week was definitely not an indication of that being the future of Vanderbilt football. Did Franklin leave the cupboard that bare, or was he just that good at getting the most out of what he had?--College and Magnolia

Losing by 30 to Temple is something to be ashamed of. Vandy is the prodigal son of the Power Rankings. They tried to leave the cellar but had to come home.--Arkansas Fight

Man.--Alligator Army