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SEC Power Poll, Week 13: Deadlock

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The differences are getting narrower between some of the teams showing up, but the turnout could have something to do with that

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports


1. Alabama Crimson Tide, 112 points (8 first-place votes)
2. Auburn Tigers, 98
2. Missouri Tigers, 98
4. Texas A&M Aggies, 84
5. South Carolina Gamecocks, 82
6. LSU Tigers 74
7. Mississippi Rebels, 62
8. Georgia Bulldogs, 61
9. Vanderbilt Commodores, 49
10. Florida Gators, 40
11. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 28
11. Tennessee Volunteers, 28
13. Arkansas Razorbacks, 14
14. Kentucky Wildcats, 10

This was kind of a low turnout week, so it's hard to figure out how many of the changes could be real changes in thinking and how much is statistical noise. For example, did South Carolina fall out of a tie with Texas A&M for fourth because of the weak win against Florida? Or was it simply a matter of which voters decided to cast ballots this week? It's not easy to tease that out.

It also could be part of the reason that we had two ties and a few other teams separated by razor-thin margins. (Texas A&M-South Carolina and Ole Miss-Georgia leap out.) But the upsets that have coursed through the conference over the last several weeks have certainly made it difficult to define anything too clearly.

If you're just interested in movement without the caveats: Missouri moves up into a tie with Auburn for second, South Carolina falls out of a tie for fourth, Georgia and Ole Miss switch places and Mississippi State moves into a deadlock with Tennessee after being 12th last week.

Oh, and Florida has become the other unanimous team in our poll, besides the Tide. Everybody's pretty clear that the Gators are in 10th place. #FireWillMuschamp



You know, even Chief fans aren't asking to play 'Bama.--Georgia Sports Blog

The Tide looked pretty meh-some against Mississippi State. It didn't matter. If that was the one "off" performance you see down the stretch from good teams, then either South Carolina or Missouri is in deep trouble.--Dawg Sports


Can't wait to find out what Bielema's newest weekly outrage is.--Get the Picture

Hey, losing by 10 is better than losing by 50!--Rocky Top Talk


Do they get more credit for building a 37-17 lead or blame for blowing it?--Rocky Top Talk

About the only memory I have retained from this weekend's Georgia/Auburn game (other than the play which will haunt my Novembers for the rest of my natural born football watching life . . .) was Aaron Murray throwing at will on an Auburn secondary that looked outmatched by a Georgia receiving corps missing at least 3 of its most powerful weapons. Like the rest of this season, it would have been different if those guys had been there. They weren't. It isn't. I'm gonna go drink now.--Dawg Sports


Fifth straight loss, which for the Gators of the last thirty-five years is uncharted territory.--Get the Picture

Welcome to reversion to the mean, Florida fans.--Georgia Sports Blog


When it ain't your year, it ain't your year.--Get the Picture

Ever get the feeling that Mark Richt is basically Derek Dooley with more traffic citations? Harvey-Clemmons' defensive "play" tells you all you need to know about the Richt era.--Roll Bama Roll


The offense FINALLY showed signs of life. Running game was "try-ish" and recievers were "catch-ish"...and that's ALL that separates them from Arkansas.--Roll Bama Roll

Kentucky is forced to play football in the SEC. That's wacky.--Red Cup Rebellion


The Tigers are playing for the Cotton Bowl this week.--Georgia Sports Blog

Spent the weekend coming to terms with their loss to Alabama and getting ready for Texas A&M. Or eating boudin and drinking Turbo Dog. Actually Zach Mettenberger may have done all of this at the same time. It's a coping strategy, you know?--Dawg Sports


Improbably good, talented team with the second worst coach in the conference and absolutely zero depth. Mizzou overlooks this secondary at their peril.--Roll Bama Roll

Is it me or does anyone else think they are being set up for a season ending let down?--Georgia Sports Blog


Definitely the best 4-6 team in the nation.--Georgia Sports Blog

There are rumblings that Dak Prescott is out for the rest of the season. If that's the case, State could be in trouble against Arkansas and Ole Miss, missing bowl eligibility.--Red Cup Rebellion


Team is finally 100% again...just in time for two terrible matchups. Ole Miss is going to be difficult...Johnny Manziel is going to be worse.--Roll Bama Roll

Missouri has a chance to become a major player in the SEC East moving forward. The division is down, and Maty Mauk looks like a capable successor to James Franklin.--Red Cup Rebellion


And just to think, a few months ago Steve Spurrier was lobbying Mike Slive to change the rules so that cross-divisional games didn't count in the conference standings.--Get the Picture

They seem like a good team, but they sure have trouble closing out bad teams.--Rocky Top Talk


There are some people in Shreveport rooting for Tennessee to upset Vandy this week. That just didn't sound right.--Georgia Sports Blog

Their bowl eligibility hangs in the balance, having to beat both Vanderbilt and Kentucky. That's not as easy as it was five years ago (at least not against Vandy).--Red Cup Rebellion


Their defense is the limiting factor. We'll see just how much of a limit it is in the next two games.--Rocky Top Talk

I have my doubts that A&M will be able to maintain the level of play to which they've become accustomed when Manziel leaves, but it's probably really fun for them right now.--Red Cup Rebellion


Can they continue forcing turnovers like there's no tomorrow, or was that just a function of playing Florida and Kentucky?--Rocky Top Talk

Trips to Memphis, Nashville, and Birmingham for bowl games is a huge let down for some programs. It is a record for Vandy.--Georgia Sports Blog