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SEC Power Poll, Week 11: Tweaked

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There are only a few moves here and there as the season enters the stretch run, but one team's drop is particularly difficult to figure out

Bob Levey


1. Alabama Crimson Tide, 154 points (11 first-place votes)
2. Auburn Tigers, 138
3. Missouri Tigers, 124
4. LSU Tigers, 117
5. South Carolina Gamecocks, 111
6. Texas A&M Aggies, 110
7. Georgia Bulldogs, 88
8. Mississippi Rebels, 82
9. Florida Gators, 64
10. Vanderbilt Commodores, 52
11. Tennessee Volunteers, 47
12. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 35
13. Arkansas Razorbacks, 20
14. Kentucky Wildcats, 13

There were only two changes in this week's poll, one of them relatively minor: Vanderbilt passed Tennessee. As the Vols' win to South Carolina recedes and it seems more and more likely that the game was a one-off upset rather than the beginning of an upward trend, the Vols are settling back down to earth a bit.

The fall of Texas A&M from No. 3 to No. 6 is a little harder to explain. Some of it could be that there's only a one-point difference between South Carolina and Texas A&M, so it might as well be a tie for fifth. Second, Missouri's convincing win against Tennessee might have bolstered the other other Tigers with voters who wondered how far Mizzou might fall after the loss to South Carolina. Beyond that, you got me.



Here's a measure of the size of the gap between Alabama and the rest of the conference: the Tide opened as an 11-point favorite over LSU.--Get the Picture

It's beyond predictable at this point.--Red Cup Rebellion


I'm running out of ways to tell Arkansas fans that it will eventually get better. So instead, I'll just offer a gentle pat on the back and these Waffle House coupons for half off a patty melt. Because it will get better, Razorback fans.--Dawg Sports

They don't even suck in an interesting way. They are just sort of nebulously bad.--And the Valley Shook


D-... Anthony Swain's grade in drama this semester.--Arkansas Fight

That defense is nothing to get excited about, but they are getting better at offense. Think Georgia, but without the injuries.--Georgia Sports Blog


The Gators are now last in the conference in scoring. I take this opportunity to remind you that Brent Pease got a raise in the offseason.--Get the Picture

Showed some spirit in an ultimately futile comeback. We said that a lot about Zook's teams, too.--And the Valley Shook


Will Muschamp has lost control of Mark Richt.--Get the Picture

Not every year that you can beat Florida and not impress anyone.--Rocky Top Talk


Have clearly shown that they are better than the best the SWAC has to offer.--And the Valley Shook

I'm pretty sure they'd beat Grambling.--Georgia Sports Blog


I presume Les Miles spent 3 hours of bye week practice time practicing a fake punt which involves ferrets, lasers, and two of the Robertson brothers from Duck Dynasty. If it works, and if the Bayou Bengals pull the upset in Tuscaloosa, the SEC will have been stripped of its last shred of order, and will become Gotham City with better pork and prettier women.--Dawg Sports

No one flunked a drug test or punched a frat kid, so I'm calling the bye week a win.--And the Valley Shook


Playing Arkansas this week, so we'll see if the fake injury shoe shows up on the other foot.--Get the Picture

Is Ole Miss the best three-loss team in the country?--Red Cup Rebellion


The good news is that State still has four SEC games. The bad news is that A&M and Bama are the next two.--And the Valley Shook

You can feel where this train is headed. If you're unsure, ask Sylvester Croom. He, like Dan Mullen could have, had eight and four wins, respectively, in his final two seasons in Starkville.--Arkansas Fight


Given time, watch out for Maty Mauk and this Mizzou offense. He will be a threat, maybe not this year, but down the road. He led the Tigers in rushing and passed for 163 more while totaling three scores.--Arkansas Fight

For all the doomsday scenarios about ties in the East, the scenarios that miss one important thing: Missouri will be favored in the rest of their games.--Georgia Sports Blog


Had the misfortune of being the only East contender to play a fully healthy Georgia team.--Rocky Top Talk

Uninspiring win over Mississippi State. Of course, when you keep getting the ball back without punts or kickoffs, you can't get too many yards.--Georgia Sports Blog


This is a different team with Justin Worley as quarterback... Not much better but different. That win over South Carolina seems like a long time ago.--Arkansas Fight

Tennessee is trending the right direction; Butch turned out to be the hire of the offseason.--Red Cup Rebellion


Number one in offense, number fourteen in defense means things are never dull when you watch the Aggies.--Get the Picture

Anything can happen in a Texas A&M game. And by "anything," we mean "points."--Rocky Top Talk


If the Commodores can't take down Florida this week, they may never do it.--Georgia Sports Blog

With Kentucky, Tennessee and Wake remaining on the schedule, Vandy is a safe bet to finish no worse than 6-6 and in a third straight bowl. That would put most SEC coaches on the hot seat, but might get Franklin a building on campus. Assuming his interview at Goldman Sachs goes well.--Dawg Sports