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College Football Rankings: SEC Power Poll Finally Has a Unanimous No. 1

The Western Division Bulldogs stand alone as the top team in the SEC Power Poll as we move into Week 10

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports


1. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 168 points (12 first-place votes)
2. Alabama Crimson Tide, 148
3. Auburn Tigers, 146.5
4. Ole Miss Rebels, 134.5
5. Georgia Bulldogs, 120
6. LSU Tigers, 111
7. Texas A&M Aggies, 81
8. Missouri Tigers, 74
9. Kentucky Wildcats, 70.5
10. Arkansas Razorbacks, 63
11. South Carolina Gamecocks 54.5
12. Florida Gators, 42
13. Tennessee Volunteers, 35
14. Vanderbilt Commodores, 12

We have a unanimous No. 1, and for the first time in quite awhile, the unanimous No. 1 is not from the state of Alabama. It's from the new capital of the college football world: Mississippi. Not that the state of Alabama is far behind; the Crimson Tide swaps places with Ole Miss -- a team that, you might recall, beat Alabama not too long ago. Auburn stays put at No. 3.

Georgia, LSU and Texas A&M also stand pat. Missouri moves up one spot despite an unimpressive win against Vanderbilt, Kentucky moves up a place after pushing Mississippi State, and Arkansas falls two even though it destroyed UAB. (UAB being UAB might have something to do with that.)

The lower half of the SEC East also runs in place during a very placid week for the rankings. Voters?


My vote for conference MVP goes to Amari Cooper.  In the two games he's been held to less than 100 receiving yards, Alabama's lost one outright and squeaked past Arkansas in the other.--Get the Picture

[sigh] Alabama's going to win out, beat Mississippi State, represent the SEC West in Atlanta, and render all of this season's crazy happy fun times irrelephant, aren't they?--Rock M Nation

The beneficiaries of social promotion right now in the polls. Throw out the fact they lost to Ole Miss head to head and consider this: the SEC West has five ranked teams and Bama has beaten precisely none of them.--And the Valley Shook


The greatest Fat Guy Touchdown in the history of Fat Guy Touchdowns.--And the Valley Shook

The Razorbacks have quietly managed business on their way to a 4-4 record on the season. Their matchup with the No. 1 ranked Mississippi State Bulldogs in Starkville gives the team a chance to pick up a big win if they can play defense and pound the football.--For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

I'm still a believer in Arkansas's overall quality. They can't get the monkey off of their back in SEC play, but they sure do make non-conference games look like Globetrotters performances.--Roll Bama Roll


Nelson Chenault -- USA TODAY Sports


The Tigers are a bullet train rapidly approaching the unfinished bridge that spans the end of their season. Last year, the train spawned angelic wings and glided right over that gap as a brass ensemble played the fight song. We'll see if Auburn has any of that magic left, but all signs are pointing toward "No."--Rock M Nation

Auburn's offense was clicking like last season again against South Carolina, but the lack of a four man pass rush will be the downfall of this team.--College and Magnolia

Bye week rust and a canny Ol' Ball Coach gave the Fighting Malzahns quite a fright.--A Sea of Blue


Another week gone and Will Muschamp is still a head coach. That's a win for the Muschamp family.--Arkansas Fight

What is this team?  Will Muschamp has seemingly regressed into an ex-coach before he's even been fired.--A Sea of Blue

It is tough to win games without an offense, and somehow, Florida has three of them.--For Whom the Cowbell Tolls


The farther into the season we get, the less this team looks outmatched by the other top teams in the conference.--Get the Picture

Here's the new darkhorse to make the college football playoff.--Red Cup Rebellion

Spent the bye week laughing at Florida game film and doing their best Muchamp death stare impressions.--Roll Bama Roll


Flawed, but fun to watch.--Get the Picture

Quarterback Patrick Towles had 466 yards of the Wildcats 504 total offensive yards. Maybe some balance would help?--Arkansas Fight

Everybody now knows this is a dangerous team.  Dangerous, that is, if you don't have a stout defense.--A Sea of Blue


Mark Zerof -- USA TODAY Sports


Les Miles has a winning record in games in which his team has trailed in the fourth quarter.  And to think there are still idiots out there convinced he can't coach.--Get the Picture

Having such a chaotic season without LSU making waves just didn't feel right. It's good to have ya back, Les.--Rock M Nation

Committed four turnovers, missed a 28-yard field goal, started five drives inside their own 6-yard line, and completed a mere eight passes. Still beat the #3 team in the nation. Imagine if anything had gone right.--And the Valley Shook


Playing Kentucky after a bye week is like having a marginally important work meeting after a three-day weekend. You walk in still hungover from the festivities and suddenly you've missed several key pieces of information and you have to scramble to just look competent enough to deserve that raise in a few weeks.--Rock M Nation

If they had a different team's jersey, they would be the unanimous #1 team in the country and Josh Robinson would be working on his Heisman acceptance speech.--And the Valley Shook

If the Bulldogs have an Achilles heel, it's turnovers. Mississippi State is a razor thin plus-3 in turnover margin, not exactly what you'd expect from the #1 team in the country.--Dawg Sports


A team that beats Vandy at home by 10 points is only a game back from a trip to Atlanta. Life is unfair.--Arkansas Fight

The Tigers seem to be in the midst of a psychological experiment. What is offense, REALLY? Does it exist? How can we be sure?--Rock M Nation

The Tigers are now 3-1 in conference play. Has anyone discussed the gap between the West and the East this year? I think I might have heard something about it somewhere.--Roll Bama Roll


Denny Medley -- USA TODAY Sports


There's the Bo we know.--Dawg Sports

Still in the drivers seat! (Technically!)--Red Cup Rebellion

Everyone knew the Rebels were playing with fire by not always being able to move the ball, especially in the running game.  It burned them Saturday night as they lost a game that could have been much worse. Still, that defense proved it can keep them in any contest. --For Whom the Cowbell Tolls


The Head Ball Coach still has it on offense, but the defense just isn't there this season. Spurrier pulled out every trick he had and nearly pulled it off on Saturday night in Auburn. He can still call one heck of a football game.--College and Magnolia

Did everything but win during the fourth quarter against Auburn. Coulda, woulda, shoulda not committed multiple, ugly turnovers.--Dawg Sports

To me, there is no more difficult team to rank than the Gamecocks.  How anyone can even try to guess what this team will do is beyond me.--For Whom the Cowbell Tolls


With everything you already know, why in the world would you start Nathan Peterman in a conference game?--Get the Picture

The revenge card is all good and fun. The fans were hyped, but if your team isn't as talented -- nor as well coached -- it's still hard to win.--Arkansas Fight

The Vols showed some fight against Alabama, and Josh Dobbs certainly looked like the future of the Tennessee program. So he will more than likely follow that up with a hilariously incompetent performance against South Carolina.--Roll Bama Roll


Jim Brown -- USA TODAY Sports


Y'all watch out for ULM this week. They ruin programs.--Arkansas Fight

Bye week rushed for over 100 yards against the Aggies.--And the Valley Shook

They shouldn't need a defense to beat ULM, but they'd better bring an offense to the party.--A Sea of Blue


Who gets next week's nod to start at quarterback for the Commodores? And, does it matter?--Get the Picture

The Commodores are also winless in the SEC and that first win does not look like it is on the horizon.--For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

How many different ways can one explain how terrible this team is?--Roll Bama Roll