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College Football Rankings: Alabama Crimson Tide Remains No. 1 in SEC Power Poll; Tennesseee Moves Up After Victory

It was a relatively calm week in the rankings, but a win over the Dawgs powered a jump by the Vols among our voters

Jim Brown -- USA Today Sports


Team (First-place votes) Points Change Standard Deviation
1 Alabama Crimson Tide (7) 161 -- 0.793
2 LSU Tigers (4) 157 -- 0.900
3 Texas A&M Aggies (1) 141 +1 1.215
4 Florida Gators 136 -1 1.073
5 Ole Miss Rebels 124 -- 0.492
6 Mississippi St. Bulldogs 106 +1 0.577
7 Georgia Bulldogs 85 -1 1.240
8 Tennessee Volunteers 83 +3 0.900
9 Kentucky Wildcats 73 -1 2.065
10 Arkansas Razorbacks 65 -1 1.165
11 Missouri Tigers 51 -1 1.215
12 Auburn Tigers 39 -- 0.622
13 Vanderbilt Commodores 24 -- 0.603
14 South Carolina Gamecocks 15 -- 0.622

There's not much to talk about in the ups and downs of the polls this week. The only big mover is Tennessee, which moved up three spots after beating Georgia in an upset. Not only are the Vols now eighth, but they are virtually in a tie for seventh with the Dawgs, who lead Butch Jones' team by just two points.

One interesting thing is that Florida's standard deviation more than doubled from last week (0.522). Many of the votes were cast on Monday, after news of the Will Grier suspension broke, which probably injected a little bit of doubt into the minds of some voters. If you're waiting to see if losing a quarterback from a team with a semi-functional offense will affect them, you might hang back awhile. Others might go ahead and factor it in and drop the Gators.

The most controversial team, though, is Kentucky. Almost losing to an FCS team and then taking a bye week makes it easy to drop off the radar for some voters. The Wildcats got votes at everywhere from sixth to 13th place. They also got multiple votes at seventh, eighth and tenth, so people are still trying to figure UK out. Voters?

Alabama Crimson Tide

Okay, you've had your fun against power offenses, Nick.  Let's see if you've got Sumlin's number again.---Get the Picture

What a great second half. Let's see how that works when they are down by 21 to Texas A&M.---Georgia Sports Blog

Beat Arkansas despite spotting the Hogs the first three quarters. It didn't matter.---And the Valley Shook

Arkansas Razorbacks

The football equivalent of throwing Rock-Rock-Rock in Rochambeau. Then another Rock, just for good measure. What's Paper?---Rocky Top Talk

They may not have as many real wins as the fans would like, but the Hogs sure do have a bunch of moral victories. That has to count for something.---Rock M Nation

The Hogs are much better than their 2-4 record indicates. Considering Toledo is making a strong push for the Group of Five spot in a major bowl and Texas Tech is looking like one of the better teams in the Big 12, the Razorbacks may honestly have played the toughest schedule in the country to date.---Roll Bama Roll

John David Mercer -- USA Today

Auburn Tigers

The third string QB may start over Sean White or Jeremy Johnson and Duke Williams is gone for good because he decided to fight his teammates. Auburn continues to deal with issue after issue. And if the Tigers lose to Kentucky on Friday night, the players and coaches may have to go into witness protection because the Paul Finebaum Show will be lit.---A Sea of Blue

As of Monday, Gus Malzahn could not decide on a quarterback moving forward. Auburn has played five games this year. Maybe, just maybe, they aren't going to get it all together and annihilate folks in November and December. I'm still not sure.---Red Cup Rebellion

They have the chance to salvage the season on Thursday. It's rare that a game against Kentucky is pivotal, but this one is.---And the Valley Shook

Florida Gators

Welp. It was fun while it lasted.---Good Bull Hunting

Ole Miss fans are left estimating how many points one performance-enhanced quarterback can possibly account for. Probably not twenty-eight.---Red Cup Rebellion

The loss of a competent quarterback really hurts this team, but Florida still has two major things going for it: Jim McElwain is sure to get the most he can out of an offense and the Gators' defense is still one of the best in the country. Not many teams can load the box and dare their opponent to beat their defensive backs in man cover like Florida can.---Roll Bama Roll

Georgia Bulldogs

Last week I asked, "Okay, there's the inexplicable, yet inevitable, embarrassing loss.  The question remaining is whether Georgia has any more of those in its future this season." Thanks for getting back to me so quickly on that, Dawgs.---Get the Picture

The air is cool the leaves are changing, and Georgia is failing to live up to expectations. Fall is officially here!---Anchor of Gold

The Bulldogs are losing the benefit of the doubt, as they've now lost to the only two decent teams they've faced.---Garnet and Black Attack

Jim Brown -- USA Today Sports

Kentucky Wildcats

Sometimes you're moving even when standing still -- Stoops and Co. must have enjoyed watching Mizzou and South Carolina implode during the bye week.---Rocky Top Talk

The Wildcats are second in the East. It's true. I looked it up.---Georgia Sports Blog

Cat fans may need to bone up on SEC tiebreaking procedures if they keep winning. Big if, though.---And the Valley Shook

LSU Tigers

Playing an endless strings of backup opposing QBs is beneficial to a football team.---Good Bull Hunting

South Carolina hasn't let something run that wild and free since Steve Taneyhill's flowing locks were under center.---Anchor of Gold

Gave the Gamecocks the most welcoming, considerate 45-24 loss ever.---Garnet and Black Attack

LSU flood
Derick E. Hingle -- USA Today Sports

Mississippi St. Bulldogs

At some point the running game woes have to become a real concern for Mississippi State, right? 3.8 yards per carry against 1-4 Troy?---Red Cup Rebellion

Several times later this season, MSU will look back on this past weekend and get wistful.---Georgia Sports Blog

I still don't have a read on the Bulldogs, but I suspect they are a pretty good team, just not a great one.---And the Valley Shook

Missouri Tigers

Missouri may have just seen any chance of threepeating in the SEC East go up in flames with that beating they took from Florida. It was nice knowing ya.---A Sea of Blue

A slightly more talented version of Vanderbilt.---Get the Picture

It's tough to ask a defense to hold opponents below 10 points, but that's where this offense is right now.---Rocky Top Talk

Ole Miss Rebels

Wait, the Rebels didn't have a bye last weekend? Huh. Could've fooled me.---Rock M Nation

[fill in the blank] was no match for the landsharks.---Georgia Sports Blog

It's been a pretty crazy year in college football, with mid-major programs hanging with and beating a number of Power Five teams across the country. Ole Miss has not been one of those teams, as they have been pounding Group of Five and FCS opponents like they ratted on Laremy Tunsil or something. Up next, arguably the best of all the Group of Five opponents this year, the Memphis Tigers.---Roll Bama Roll

South Carolina Gamecocks

Steve Spurrier is just shooting for a new low round. He's five under through six games, he's got a real chance to do it.---Rock M Nation
(Editor's Note: Submitted before the resignation news, but too good to leave out.)

When does women's basketball start?---Anchor of Gold

2015 will definitely be a season Gamecock fans never forget, and not for any good reasons. Nobody deserves this.---Roll Bama Roll

Kim Klement -- USA Today Sports

Tennessee Volunteers

Tennessee watched as Mark Richt pulled a Butch Jones. The Vols really needed a win like that to have good feelings return to Knoxville. Now Jones' seat is less hot than Richt's. But they have Alabama in two weeks... GULP.---A Sea of Blue

Butch Jones has finally figured out the formula: you want to fall behind by two touchdowns instead of going ahead by two touchdowns.---And the Valley Shook

If you play in enough close games, you'll eventually win one.---Garnet and Black Attack

Texas A&M Aggies

The Biggest Game Of Kevin Sumlin's Career, Again.---Good Bull Hunting

Aggie has a chance to turn the SEC into a two-team race this week. Myles Garrett might have to swallow Jacob Coker alive to do so, but that really isn't out of the realm of possibility.---Rock M Nation

Getting a lot of positive press for how well their defense is playing. This is where I point out that A&M's defense ranks 11th in the SEC in total defense in conference only games. This actually represents progress.---And the Valley Shook

Vanderbilt Commodores

Those close losses to Ole Miss and Georgia aren't looking so good as the season wears on.---Rocky Top Talk

After scrounging around the kitchen, Offensive Chef Andy Ludwig has combined salt, ramen, a leftover piece of chicken in the fridge, vanilla extract, and some packets of soy sauce, to make... not a tasty dinner, exactly, but a surprisingly palatable snack that only gives you heartburn inside the opponent's 30.---Anchor of Gold

The 'Dores have their best opportunity since Derek Mason took over to pick up a win in conference play this weekend. Will they be able to conjure up enough on offense? Will they even need to?---Roll Bama Roll