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SEC Power Poll Ballot After Week 13

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In which I explain how Texas A&M was "exposed" by LSU

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

1. Alabama
This has gotten so boring for Nick Saban that he's trying to turn it into a Disney movie or something.

2. Auburn
Just remember when they take the inevitable 21-0 lead early in the game Saturday: We've seen this script before.

3. Missouri
Someone forgot to tell them that the team with the most difficult interdivision schedule doesn't get to win the SEC East.

4. South Carolina
Won the 2013 Battle of the Roosters in impressive fashion, but a more meaningful intrastate rivalry awaits.

5. LSU
I give up. When this team is on, it can beat just about anybody in the country, maybe even Alabama. When it's off, it can lose to just about anybody in the country, maybe even Flo-- okay, let's not get carried away here.

6. Texas A&M
I've seen some direct pushback on Twitter to my suggestions that LSU "exposed" A&M and some indirect pushback elsewhere, so let me take this opportunity to explain what I meant by that.

Before this weekend, I think it was still reasonable to think of Texas A&M as a very good team, perhaps even a great one. After all, their only losses were relatively close losses to two other great teams. Some of the Aggies' fans and more than a few media personalities were pushing for A&M to get an at-large berth in the BCS, particularly if Alabama beat Auburn.

None of that is true anymore. The way in which LSU dismantled Texas A&M over the weekend proves that, at best, TAMU is a good team with a great player, and that he can't win games on his own. Or, more accurately, he can't win every game on his own. The highest regular-season win total for A&M is now set at nine, and it could very well end up with eight victories. That's not the record of a great team -- and A&M not being a great team is what LSU exposed.

7. Georgia
If this were a resume poll, they would at least be closer to pushing A&M. But it's a power poll, and they just lost maybe the best quarterback in school history, so let's wait and see how they close out the season.

8. Ole Miss
Are we all cool with this now?

9. Vanderbilt
That was closer than it should have been. Basically, the Commodores came within one Jordan Matthews of defeat.

10. Mississippi State
Dan Mullen vs. Hugh Freeze in a battle of coaching brains. That is can't-miss-television, ladies and gentlemen.

11. Tennessee

It is not a disgrace to lose to Vanderbilt. They’re a pretty good team that plays smart and usually don’t beat themselves. (via)

12. Florida
A partial list of SEC head coaches who never lost to an FCS: Mike Shula, Joker Phillips, Gene Chizik, Ed Orgeron and Ron Zook.

13. Arkansas
Put them together with the Jacksonville Jaguars and you might be able to win the MAC.

14. Kentucky
They'll always have Miami (OH).