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College Football Rankings: Alabama at No. 1 in SEC Power Poll; Vanderbilt Moves to No. 13

There's a familiar face at the top of our weekly survey of SEC bloggers, and a new name sits at the bottom

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports


Team (First-place votes) Points Change Standard Deviation
1 Alabama Crimson Tide (7) 149 +3 0.688
2 LSU Tigers (3) 143 +1 0.894
3 Florida Gators 127 +4 0.522
4 Texas A&M Aggies (1) 122 +1 1.758
5 Ole Miss Rebels 109 -4 1.044
6 Georgia Bulldogs 108 -4 0.982
7 Mississippi St. Bulldogs 86 -1 0.405
8 Kentucky Wildcats 73 +1 1.433
9 Arkansas Razorbacks 63 +2 1.009
10 Missouri Tigers 59 -- 0.809
11 Tennessee Volunteers 47 -3 1.104
12 Auburn Tigers 34 -- 0.539
13 Vanderbilt Commodores 20 +1 0.874
14 South Carolina Gamecocks 15 -1 0.505

Yes, new first team, we'll get to all that in a moment but: VANDERBILT IS NOT THE LAST-PLACE TEAM IN THE SEC ANYMORE. That honor now belongs to South Carolina. (/throws things) This marks the first time that the Commodores have not been ranked No. 14 going back almost two years, to the end of the 2013 season. Congratulations, Vanderbilt. You might get to 5-7 this year!

Meanwhile, I know we are all thrilled to have Alabama back at No. 1 in the SEC Power Poll. (Insert joke about dynasty being dead here.) The Tide are not the unanimous top pick; LSU picks up a few votes and even Texas A&M gets a nod from one of our voters. The other big movers are Florida (up), Ole Miss (down), Georgia (down) and Tennessee (down). As you can see, only Missouri and Auburn stayed in the same place after last weekend's slightly bizarre outcomes.

The most controversial team is Texas A&M, which is not really all that surprising when you take into account the "been here before" factor. Some voters might also be waiting; in two weeks, the Aggies will likely be either atop the poll or down a few spaces, so why hurry now? Kentucky is also somewhat divisive, probably courtesy of the close win against Eastern Kentucky, and the other teams with a standard deviation higher than 1.000 were winners or losers in distinguishing games. Voters?

Alabama Crimson Tide

As impressive as the curb stomping in Athens was, let's not lose sight of the fact that Alabama is still fourth in the SEC West today, and one of the teams ahead of it holds a head-to-head tiebreaker.---Get the Picture


Screw it. They looked like the Platonic ideal of a Nick Saban team, and they can explain away their Ole Miss loss as a confluence of bad luck and magic. They are still the horror movie villain that every team fears most, and like Jason Voorhees, you need to kill him, kill him again, and then probably kill him even one more time. Even then, you should dig a very deep hole.---And the Valley Shook

Arkansas Razorbacks

Against Tennessee, Arkansas got back to their winning strategy: complete fewer than 50 percent of your passes and rush for 275 yards.---Red Cup Rebellion

They tried to give this one away in the fourth quarter. Oh, how they tried. Butch would have nothing of it.---Anchor of Gold

Give Bielema and his team credit, they didn't let the early season struggles lead to a total collapse. The Hogs have played their best two games of the season the last two weeks, and they seem to have figured out whatever was ailing them in the run game early on.---Roll Bama Roll

Randy Sartin -- USA Today Sports

Auburn Tigers

After an early battle with San Jose State, the Tigers pulled away late and won by two touchdowns behind their running game. It looks like the QB spot is Sean White's for the foreseeable future.---A Sea of Blue

With only one gimme left on the schedule, it is starting to look like Auburn might be home for the holidays.---Georgia Sports Blog

Had an easy win over San Jose State, and now a bye week. That's essentially three weeks to prepare for the Kentucky game, which could salvage Auburn's season.---And the Valley Shook

Florida Gators

Won two games they probably shouldn't have, and then mixed things up by absolutely blowing the doors off a team many considered the SEC front runner. It's time to consider that the Gators might be for real.---And the Valley Shook

Ole Miss might've just had a bad game, but the Gators looked great on Saturday.---Garnet and Black Attack

Either Will Grier is the second coming of Danny Wuerffel, or Jim McElwain is a pretty damn good quarterback coach.---Rocky Top Talk

Georgia Bulldogs

Okay, there's the inexplicable, yet inevitable, embarrassing loss. The question remaining is whether Georgia has any more of those in its future this season.---Get the Picture

The Bulldogs are still a contender in the SEC East, but they have no good wins and just got blown out by the only good team they've faced.---Garnet and Black Attack

I thought the SEC/C-USA matchup was on CBS Sports, not the main channel.---Anchor of Gold

Dale Zanine -- USA Today Sports

Kentucky Wildcats

UK had a lackluster performance, but they did a good job of hiding it behind some of the more exciting games going on during that time slot. They'll make up for whatever stock they lost this week when they beat Auburn next week.---Rock M Nation

Oh no! Kentucky is 4-1! Basketball school jokes aren't funny anymore! What will anyone say in this blurb?---Red Cup Rebellion

That's now two SEC teams that have been taken to overtime by an OVC team.---Anchor of Gold

LSU Tigers

LSU has passed for more than 100 yards in a game just once this season, and it doesn't even matter.---Red Cup Rebellion

Famous last words: "They couldn't hit an elephant at this distance." "Hey dude, hold my beer and watch this." "Fournette is all mine on this next play."---Anchor of Gold

LSU has won countless times before by imposing their will via pounding the rock over and over, but at some point, they do need to at least attempt to throw the football with some success. Brandon Harris went 4/15 for 80 yards and a pick. Against Eastern Michigan. Yikes. Outside of that one weakness though, LSU looks very good.---Roll Bama Roll

Mississippi St. Bulldogs

Holding Texas A&M to 30 points is kind of a big deal.---Georgia Sports Blog

MSU is good enough to hang with the best of the West, but not to beat any of them. Which pretty much guarantees that they'll ruin Ole Miss' bowl game selection with an Egg Bowl victory.---Rock M Nation

The Bulldogs feel like they'll hang around in the middle of the pack all season. They're good enough to beat the bottom half of the conference but not good enough to be in with the best teams at the top.---Garnet and Black Attack

Missouri Tigers

Who needs Maty Mauk? Drew Lock looked pretty good for the Tigers but the game was won by the running backs and the defense. Gary Pinkel's squad is still alive in the East.---A Sea of Blue

Locktoberfest is off to a great start, and things are only looking up. Tiger fans should be super excited to see their true freshman quarterback go up against this Florida defense with an improving-but-still-trash running game. No pause for concern there. Nope. Everything's fine.---Rock M Nation

Mizzou may be 4-1, but ugly wins over Arkansas State, UConn, and South Carolina don't exactly move the needle for me. The defense once again looks strong, but the offense has been a mess. Drew Lock may actually be an upgrade to Maty Mauk though.---Roll Bama Roll

Ole Miss Rebels

After blowing out Alabama and then struggling to beat Vanderbilt, the Rebels shine wore off completely in Gainesville. Was that Alabama loss more about the Tide than it was about the Rebs? It's starting to look that way.---A Sea of Blue

It's almost as if the Rebels may have been somewhat fortunate to have escaped Tuscaloosa with a victory. No, never mind, that's a ridiculous claim. How dare anyone have that thought?---Roll Bama Roll

Saved fans the trouble of an agonizing collapse in November by getting unexpectedly blown out in October.---Rocky Top Talk

Kim Klement -- USA Today Sports

South Carolina Gamecocks

Steve Spurrier longs for the days of having to put up with Stephen Garcia. It's better that what he's going through now, right?---A Sea of Blue

This team is in real danger of having the bottom fall out from underneath them. The Gamecocks don't do anything well, but the quarterback situation is especially terrible. A couple of horrible passes from Lorenzo Nunez sealed their fate this past weekend.---Roll Bama Roll


Tennessee Volunteers

We need to stop giving Butch Jones nice things.---Rock M Nation

Playing much better than their record, but there comes a point at which you don't get a gold star for trying. The Vols need wins, and they've been in short supply.---And the Valley Shook

Switched things up this week by blowing their two-score lead early in the game instead of in the 4th quarter.---Garnet and Black Attack

Texas A&M Aggies

I've got the Aggies ahead of Alabama because their non-conference win (Arizona State) looks better than the Tide's (Wisconsin) and because I suspect their offense will give Bama problems.  Oh, yeah, there's that no loss thing, too.---Get the Picture

I'm not sure the Aggies have the proper licensing for carrying around a weapon like Myles Garrett, but this is Texas we're talking about so it's pointless to ask them about it.---Rock M Nation

The defense the Aggies are fielding has been excellent so far. If it stays that way through the upcoming meat of the schedule, A&M will be playing in Atlanta.---Red Cup Rebellion

Vanderbilt Commodores

Spoils Middle Tennessee's homecoming. Wait, Middle Tennessee scheduling you for homecoming should be automatic grounds for expulsion from the SEC.---Georgia Sports Blog

With a game against South Carolina looming in two weeks, the Dores have a chance to escape the basement of the SEC East. Either way it goes, it'll be ugly.---Get the Picture

The Commodore offense struggled against MTSU, throwing two picks, but with the Blue Raiders mustering just 1.5 yards per carry, they couldn't capitalize.---Red Cup Rebellion

Jim Brown -- USA Today Sports