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SEC Power Poll Results for Week 8: Consolidate

After the Missouri upset, there are some changes near the top of the SEC Power Poll. But voters are ironically beginning to agree on some teams

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports


1. Alabama Crimson Tide, 140 points (10 first-place votes)
2. LSU Tigers, 130
3. Texas A&M Aggies, 119
4. Missouri Tigers, 103
5. South Carolina Gamecocks, 99
6. Georgia Bulldogs, 96
7. Florida Gators, 83
8. Auburn Tigers, 70
9. Mississippi Rebels, 60
10. Tennessee Volunteers, 44
11. Vanderbilt Commodores, 40
12. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 33
13. Arkansas Razorbacks, 23
14. Kentucky Wildcats, 10

There's a remarkable degree of agreement by our voters on a number of teams despite, and perhaps because of, the chaos set off by Missouri's upset of Georgia. Alabama is the unanimous No. 1, along with LSU being the unanimous No. 2, Auburn being every voter's No. 8 choice, Ole Miss taking the No. 9 position without dissent, and Kentucky taking every 14th-place ballot. And at 40 points, Vanderbilt has the same total it would if it were the unanimous No. 11, even if the votes actually broke down differently. The narrow gap between Missouri, South Carolina and Georgia shows how little consensus there is about the SEC East teams.

As for that movement: LSU picks up a spot to move to No. 2; while Texas A&M moves from No. 4 to No. 3. Missouri jumps from No. 7 to fourth place, while South Carolina advances once spot. Sliding down the poll are Georgia, which went from No. 2 to No. 6; and Florida, which was No. 5 in last week's poll. Nobody in the bottom half of the survey budged.



When the story of the week is a scoreless first quarter against Kentucky, that should tell you all you need to know about national media being ready for the SEC to be done.--Georgia Sports Blog

After looking like a deeply flawed team early in the season, Bama has appeared to solve almost all of those issues by playing teams who aren't nearly as good.--And the Valley Shook


Happy homecoming:  the Hogs get pounded by South Carolina, then have to endure Spurrier's faux sympathy afterwards.--Get the Picture

The Razorbacks threw the ball twelve times despite losing by 45 points. Interesting strategy.--Red Cup Rebellion


Auburn is now one win away from bowl eligibility so this season is already a huge improvement over the last one.--And the Valley Shook

511 yards rushing is ... pretty spectacular, even with a cupcake in your mouth.--A Sea of Blue


There was a time when Alabama played fantastic defense, fought for every yard on both sides of the ball, and came up way short too often because of an anemic offense and lack of playmakers. We call those the Shula Years. Not saying that Muschamp is Shula 2.0, but this is the mid-point of year three and systemic offensive changes may be forthcoming, beginning with recruiting, development and coaching.--Roll Bama Roll

Good news, Florida doesn't have to face the run defense they did against LSU again. Bad news, they get to face Missouri's speed rushers.--Georgia Sports Blog


When Gurley comes back, they may become a top three team in the conference, but that defense is still a problem.--Rocky Top Talk

Experiencing injury issues usually only seen in an episode of the Walking Dead.--And the Valley Shook


Surrendered the most yards to an Alabama team in 40 years, and was outgained by almost 500 yards in an ugly loss that could have been worse had Alabama not left 21 points on the field. This team may not win another game against FBS competition.--Roll Bama Roll

What is there to say?--Red Cup Rebellion


I'm as baffled by the Florida game as everyone else. Looked nothing like the team we've seen all year.--And the Valley Shook

Maybe the only team good enough to challenge Alabama, but after this weekend, I'm not even sure they are.--A Sea of Blue


Tough injuries in a tough loss to a team the Rebels matchup very well against. Hugh Freeze is a perfect 3-0 in the last three games for critical mismanagement at critical times. Nursing a tie late in the 4th, with the Aggies vulnerable to power run packages, Freeze called three straight passes, ensuring more time for one of the nation's most dynamic offenses. Inexcusable.--Roll Bama Roll

The defense held Manziel to zero passing touchdowns; it was those near 600 yards its defense gave up that was a real bummer. That blowout win over Texas seems like a long, long time ago.--Arkansas Fight


Underwhelmingly, the Bulldogs eked out an underwhelming one-point win at home against a MAC squad in an underwhelming game.  Did I mention how underwhelming MSU is?--Get the Picture

The most one-step-forward-two-steps-back team in the conference; practically slept through its homecoming game with a decent BGSU team and scratched out a one-point uninspired victory. Don't worry, Bulldogs, 2014's head coach was on the field -- his name is Dave Clawson.--Roll Bama Roll


A well-coached team.  But now it's a well-coached team missing its starting quarterback.--Get the Picture

This is the team Mike Slive thought he was getting from the Big 12.--Georgia Sports Blog


Have they realized that games had second halves now?--Rocky Top Talk

The Gamecocks have a chance to jump back into the SEC East championship race, and why not? They have a capable quarterback and a solid defense.--Red Cup Rebellion


Don't look now, but UT gets to play spoiler in the SEC East race.--Georgia Sports Blog

They aren't very good, but they also do not appear to be a dumpster fire, so ... progress!--And the Valley Shook


Hey, remember all those grave warnings from the pundit class about how Johnny Manziel's offseason activities would affect his play?  Good times.--Get the Picture

Suffering the opposite fate of Florida, the Aggies have exactly no defense--and that's coming from an Arkansas fan. However, as long as Johnny Manziel is lining up behind center this team has a chance. He leads the NCAA FBS all-time with four 300 yards passing/100 yards rushing games.--Arkansas Fight


Over/under on number of Jordan Matthews targets this week against UGA: 31.5--Georgia Sports Blog

Don't worry, Vanderbilt. Kentucky's only a few weeks away.--Red Cup Rebellion