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SEC Power Poll, Week 9: Chaos

There's upheaval across the poll after Upset Saturday, though voters agree on the top two teams. At least until another week of games comes along

Thomas B. Shea


1. Alabama Crimson Tide, 140 points (10 first-place votes)
2. Missouri Tigers, 130
3. LSU Tigers, 115
4. Auburn Tigers, 113
5. Texas A&M Aggies, 95
6. South Carolina Gamecocks, 90
7. Georgia Bulldogs, 82
8. Mississippi Rebels, 73
9. Florida Gators, 60
10. Tennessee Volunteers, 50
11. Vanderbilt Commodores, 42
12. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 30
13. Arkansas Razorbacks, 19
14. Kentucky Wildcats, 11

And it was looking so pretty. But after a week that was marked by an emerging consensus among our voters, along came Upset Saturday and blew the whole poll up again. There are three consensus teams at this point: Alabama at No. 1, Missouri at No. 2 (what a season), and Mississippi State at No. 12. (Thank goodness for Arkansas and Kentucky.) There are some others that are close to generating hivemind status, but aren't there quite yet.

As for movement, boy do we have movement. Missouri continued to zip up the rankings, jumping two spots from last week to cap off a five-spot climb in the last two weeks and a 10-spot improvement since the Week 1 poll. Auburn leaps four spots from last week to enter the Top 4. Ole Miss moves up one place. Oddly, the bottom of the poll remains static even after the chaos.

On the down side: LSU drops one place, Texas A&M is down two, South Carolina and Georgia each fall one and Florida moves from seventh to ninth as Ole Miss passes it.



Of course the only SEC game this weekend not won by the underdog was the Alabama game. --Rocky Top Talk

Looking at a nuclear wasteland in the rear view and praying the wind blows the fallout in the other direction.--Dawg Sports


Just 52 points shy of pulling off the shocking upset.--And the Valley Shook

Arkansas is in real danger of letting Kentucky get past them.--Georgia Sports Blog


I'm waiting for Gene Chizik to take credit for laying the foundation for Malzahn.--Get the Picture

The Tigers join Alabama and Missouri as the only three SEC teams who control their own destiny. Where the hell are we, and what the hell just happened?--Dawg Sports


Gave up 500 yards to Mizzou. If the Gators can't play defense, what have they got left?--Get the Picture

Aside from Croom or Shula, have we seen an SEC offense this consistently bad the past decade or so? Offensive line is offensive, defensive line is a triage unit, quarterbacking is a liability, and the playcalling is worse.  The WLOCP is going to be absolutely unwatchable.--Roll Bama Roll


About a week away from holding open tryouts in front of the 40 Watt.--And the Valley Shook

I'm DVRing this season of Georgia football for those times when the first 5 minutes of "Up" are just too much zany fun.--Dawg Sports


Seriously regrets not having Arkansas on the schedule this year.--Get the Picture

Midnight Madness is in the books, so it's time to pretend the football team does not exist.--And the Valley Shook


They have some weaknesses, but the LSU/Ole Miss game is crazy even when they don't have any weaknesses. This is still the best threat to Alabama in the West.--Rocky Top Talk

The Bayou Bengals have lost two games by a total of six points, both on the road. They'll get the benefit of the doubt for now. The eloquent Les Miles on his performance this week: "I did a piss poor job preparing this football team to play in this game." Keep doing you, Les.--Arkansas Fight


Won their annual Super Bowl, and will now proceed to mail it in until the Egg Bowl.--And the Valley Shook

Beneficiary of the Leslie E. Miles memorial dumb coaching decision of the season of the month.--Georgia Sports Blog


On the bye, maybe Mullen found a way to settle down Dak, who I still think can be a good SEC quarterback.--Roll Bama Roll

Remember Dan, the standard resume should not exceed one page.--And the Valley Shook


With Florida's injuries, this is the best defensive line in the conference. Hat tip to Pinkel for not protecting Maty Mauk: The Tigers were aggressive the entire game, and clearly played to win. How wrong we were thinking this was the expansion weak-link.--Roll Bama Roll

Call it a byproduct of their schedule if you want, but the Tigers have not struggled to win all season by scoring at least 15 more points than every team they've played.--Arkansas Fight


Butch Jones 1, Steve Spurrier 0. That's gotta sting a little.--Get the Picture

Lost a shootout to a healthy UGA team, and Spurrier gave one away with some baffling late-game management against Tennessee. I'm not ready to sell on this team just yet. Clowney is clearly healthy again, and the passing game may become more dynamic down the stretch, even with Shaw's injury. Mike Davis is the conference's most complete back.--Roll Bama Roll


Butch Jones has done a lot more than I expected with this year's Tennessee squad, but so have the other rebuilding coaches.--Rocky Top Talk

I know UT lost the head-to-head with Florida, and that Florida has the superior defense and talent, but do you honestly think the Gators would like a rematch with a Vols team that has improved exponentially each week? Butch Jones has this team believing, and Worley is growing up in front of our eyes.--Roll Bama Roll


The defense is reaching levels of performance art.--And the Valley Shook

Johnny Manziel's numbers are up this season because of bad defense more than anything else. His No. 1 receiver is helping though. Mike Evans had 287 yards and four touchdowns on 11 catches Saturday.--Arkansas Fight


And just like that, they salvaged the season.--And the Valley Shook

Congrats on the win, Vandy bros. Like everything else, it was handed to you on a silver platter.--Georgia Sports Blog