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SEC Power Poll Ballot After Week 7

The Missouri win prompts a few changes, and the bottom of the SEC remains a mess

Kevin C. Cox

1. Alabama
It probably shouldn't have taken the Tide as long as it did to start scoring against Tennessee Kentucky, but once they did they made up for it.

2. LSU
Bet they would love to have another chance at the current Georgia.

3. Texas A&M
Mostly moving up thanks to the incompetence of certain teams in the East, not anything the Aggies have done.

4. Missouri
Was that an upset or a preview?

5. Georgia
Getting the benefit of the doubt for now. The next two weeks will tell me whether they should be lower or not.

6. South Carolina
Finally put together its first complete game of the season on the same day that the SEC East fell apart. Which is to say, finally put together its first complete game of the season at the best possible moment.

7. Florida
The biggest question for Florida is whether the LSU loss was an anomaly or a blueprint, and if anyone else on the schedule has the defense and the running backs to duplicate it even if it was the latter.

8. Auburn
This weekend's trip to College Station will eliminate one of the teams from the SEC West for good.

9. Ole Miss
Hugh Freeze, you only get to lose games on boneheaded late-game decisions and keep your job when you've been at the same school as long as Les Miles has.

10. Vanderbilt
Blind, one-eyed man, etc.

11. Tennessee
Getting dangerously close to single digits here.

12. Arkansas
Bret Bielema not only got crushed on his first Homecoming at Arkansas, he also ended up on the business end of a Steve Spurrier quip. Is it too late to say #karma again?

13. Mississippi State
Bowling Green? You need a late stop to beat Bowling Green by one point?

14. Kentucky
I got a little pushback on Twitter Saturday night for saying that Kentucky is better than most people think they are. They are. But they're still the worst team in the SEC right now.