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SEC Power Poll, Week 15: Impact

There's something that happened this week that hasn't happened in our poll in two years. And we have a tie between two teams in the same state in our final poll of the regular season

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports


1. Auburn Tigers, 109 points (5 first-place votes)
2. Missouri Tigers, 104 (3)
3. Alabama Crimson Tide, 99
4. South Carolina Gamecocks, 86
5. LSU Tigers, 81
6. Texas A&M Aggies, 70
7. Georgia Bulldogs, 65
8. Vanderbilt Commodores, 58
9. Mississippi Rebels, 43
9. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 43
11. Tennessee Volunteers, 30
12. Florida Gators, 28
13. Arkansas Razorbacks, 16
14. Kentucky Wildcats, 8

There's something strange about this week's poll, and it goes beyond just the fact that Auburn is No. 1 and Missouri is No. 2, which is sort of like we all predicted at the beginning of the season, only not at all. It's also this: Alabama did not get a No. 1 vote in the power poll for the first time in two years. Just another sign of how strange the SEC has been this year.

The rest of the poll backs that up. Ole Miss and Mississippi State are tied and Florida is 12th, ahead of only Arkansas and Kentucky. The Hogs and the Wildcats, by the way, are your only unanimous teams this week. It's been a wild, wild season.



I'm not sure why Nick Saban ain't got no better tackling kickers, PAWL!--Dawg Sports

Eerily similar to the past two national champions: passes the eyeball test, lost a game in November, and honestly lacking in quality wins. They've only beaten two BCS top 25 teams all year, which is one of the secrets to looking awesome: routinely playing outmatched teams.--And the Valley Shook


The only good thing you can say about going 0-8 in conference play is that it can't get any worse... at least until they go to a 9-game conference schedule.--Get the Picture

Look to see the Razorbacks in the SEC Championship game next year, just like we thought Auburn would be this time last year.--Arkansas Fight


I think they rolled the whole city after beating Alabama.--A Sea of Blue

My column on how I know God is an Auburn fan:--Arkansas Fight


Can't you sense the hordes of offensive coordinators lining up for the opportunity to strut their stuff in Gainesville next season?--Get the Picture

I'm dead serious when I ask this: how the hell did this happen? How on earth is a Florida team, stocked with blue chip recruits, this bad? Injuries only explain so much.--And the Valley Shook


One game left on the schedule, which means there's still an opportunity for another starter to go down with an injury.--Get the Picture

Is there anyone at Georgia who isn't in the hospital?  And what does that say about Georgia Tech?--A Sea of Blue


Bad, but not epically so.  No, really.--Get the Picture

Kentucky is better coached than they used to be. They are also still very out talented.--Georgia Sports Blog


Oh, LSU.  Yeah.  Forgot about them. So has everyone else.--A Sea of Blue

Thanks, LSU. We Razorback fans really needed an opportunity to get our hopes up only to have them crushed.--Arkansas Fight


It feels like there should have been more to Ole Miss' season than the way it turned out, doesn't it?--Get the Picture

Beat Texas and LSU. Lost to State. There is a rift in the space time continuum.--And the Valley Shook


Given the talent level, Dan Mullen turned in a credible coaching job this season.--Get the Picture

Dak Prescott is some sort of gimpy-shouldered wizard, whose most powerful spell is making Dan Mullen look like a passable SEC football coach.--Dawg Sports


Seriously? Missouri really only has one loss? How the hell did that happen? If nothing else, Bulldog fans can take heart from the fact that Missouri had the kind of injury luck in 2012 that Georgia did in 2013.--Dawg Sports

Gary Pinkel is very much doing Gary Pinkel things. The surprising thing is how good their defense is.--Georgia Sports Blog


The best 10 win team in the nation.--Georgia Sports Blog

Their fourth quarter against Mizzou ruined everything. Thanks, Steve.--And the Valley Shook


Finished the season as strongly as possible.--A Sea of Blue

The Vols beat Kentucky for about the 900th time in a row, but they'll have nightmares about that Vandy game all summer long.--Arkansas Fight


One Johnny Football + 0 defense = 8-4.  Still pretty good.--A Sea of Blue

Kevin Sumlin added six years to his current contract, which will give him plenty of time to work on the Aggies' run defense.--Arkansas Fight


I never thought I'd see the day when Vandy's head coach was a hot name in the coaching carousel.--And the Valley Shook

Wake Forest was so embarrassed by the loss to Vanderbilt, they fired their coach.--Arkansas Fight