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SEC Power Poll, Week 9: Mississippis Still Top Rankings While Blowout Saturday Reshuffles the Bottom

There was no major shake-up at the top of the rankings, though LSU is back in the upper half of the conference right now. Both Missouri and South Carolina also advance

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports


1. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 164 points (8 first-place votes)
2. Ole Miss Rebels, 159 (4)
3. Auburn Tigers, 140
4. Alabama Crimson Tide, 135
5. Georgia Bulldogs, 122
6. LSU Tigers, 108
7. Texas A&M Aggies, 85
8. Arkansas Razorbacks, 78
9. Missouri Tigers, 74
10. Kentucky Wildcats, 64
11. South Carolina Gamecocks, 49
12. Florida Gators, 36
13. Tennessee Volunteers, 34
14. Vanderbilt Commodores, 12

Apparently, blowouts have a stabilizing effect on the rankings at this time of the year. All five of the top spots remain unchanged from last week after three of those teams thumped conference opponents and the other two took a week off. The first team to move was LSU, which jumped two spots and ended up as a unanimous No. 6 -- the only team other than Vanderbilt who's ranking was the same across all ballots -- after crushing Kentucky.

Texas A&M only falls one spot from last week despite the annihilation by Alabama, though the performances by teams lower down on the list probably has something to do with that. Arkansas also falls one place. Missouri moves up two spots, and Kentucky drops by one. South Carolina moves up one, thought that might have just as much to do with Florida falling from No. 10 to No. 12 after one of the weirdest losses in the SEC this year. Tennessee and Vanderbilt remain where they were.

Ole Miss did close the gap some on Mississippi State this week, especially in terms of the first-place votes -- which might be a mixture of the Rebels waxing Tennessee and the Bulldogs taking the week off.

And I don't know if it's quite what I'd call the tiering effect we sometimes see as the season goes on, but there are some rather large drop-offs between certain teams. A full 23 points separate LSU and Texas A&M, and there's a 15-point fall between Kentucky and South Carolina. And then there's the 22-point difference between Tennessee and Vanderbilt, because Vanderbilt.



Maybe that Texas A&M game from 2012 has been eating at Nick Saban.--Georgia Sports Blog

Nick Saban's hoping to win over the College Football Playoff committee with style points. I'm one to think he'll succeed in that endeavor.--Red Cup Rebellion

At least give us a heads-up before you decide to open up the earth and send an entire football team plummeting into the depths of Hell, Nick.--Rock M Nation


Marvin Gentry -- USA TODAY Sports


Don't feel too bad, Hogs. At least you're still due.--Get the Picture

Best team in America without a conference win.--A Sea of Blue

Way to blow the whole division is undefeated against the rest of the universe thing.--And the Valley Shook


If South Carolina beats Auburn this week, THAT would be a Clemsoning on Auburn's part.--Georgia Sports Blog

Auburn's definitely talented enough to still be in the picture at this point. Games against Ole Miss and Alabama loom large, but those aren't insurmountable.--Red Cup Rebellion

Don't get caught looking ahead to Ole Miss, Auburn. South Carolina did just blow out Furman, after all.--Rock M Nation


Well, they didn't get shut out.--Rock M Nation

This is what it looks like when a team gives up on their coach.--And the Valley Shook

Always nice when the A.D. is in "No, I don't think it's totaled yet. Let's keep going another few miles" mode.--Arkansas Fight


Kim Klement -- USA TODAY Sports


Hmm.  How much do you think a Nick Chubb autograph is worth now?--Get the Picture

The Dawgs are finally looking like the team they are on paper. Considering that their paper is filled with 4 and 5 star studs on both sides of the ball, that is definitely a good thing. Georgia basically has their spot in Atlanta wrapped up, and they will be a tremendous test for whoever emerges from the West.--Roll Bama Roll

"If I disappeared from the face of the Earth would anyone notice? Of course not, especially if I were replaced by Nick Chubb."---Emo Kevin Sumlin [Dawg Sports]


Kentucky is still a young team looking for answers. And LSU is better than they've shown the past couple of weeks. Alternatively, Les Miles won a bet with a voodoo woman and the SEC West better watch out.--Georgia Sports Blog

[waves smelling salts under Kentucky's nose] Hey buddy, you're technically still an SEC East contender, you gotta get up.--Rock M Nation

So... maybe their resume was a bit soft.--And the Valley Shook


Has the sleeper awakened?--A Sea of Blue

Too soon to say the Tigers are "back", but their defense improved immeasurably once they stopped playing Nick Marshall and Dak Prescott.--And the Valley Shook

Just feels like something weird's about to happen in Baton Rouge Saturday night. Which is a statement you can make at any time, really.--Arkansas Fight


Crystal LoGiudice -- USA TODAY Sports


Perhaps college football's most well-rounded team outside of maybe Florida State, and even then I'm giving the Dawgs the edge over the Noles.--Red Cup Rebellion

Someone explain to me why Josh Robinson isn't a Heisman candidate.--And the Valley Shook

Bulldogs finally get to take advantage of the SEC's ridiculous 6-1-1 schedule with East games vs Kentucky this week and later Vanderbilt. (Enjoy soaking in that traditional rivalry with Georgia, Auburn!)--Arkansas Fight


Somewhere in Columbia, a Missouri defensive player has just scored on Florida again.--Georgia Sports Blog

Mizzou's beatdown of Florida gives us what I think is hands down the best box score in SEC football this season.--Red Cup Rebellion

Scoring 42 points on 119 total yards is some Salvador Dali LSD stuff.--Arkansas Fight


Kim Klement -- USA TODAY Sports


Top defense in the nation. That wins championships in the SEC. In 2004.--Georgia Sports Blog

The Landshark defense is phenomenal. The offense continues to do just enough to keep winning, and as we all know, that is quite the championship formula in the SEC.--Roll Bama Roll

Outside of the Bama win, Ole Miss' three SEC wins are over teams with a combined one conference win, and that was against Arkansas in OT.--And the Valley Shook


The Gamecocks shouldn't stay too mad at A&M for that opening Thursday night game. At least the Aggies are being nice and taking the title of worst defense in the SEC from the ‘Cocks. Spurrier should send Sumlin a little gift basket.--Roll Bama Roll

Still much better than Furman.--And the Valley Shook

"If South Carolina now defeats Auburn the descent into randomized terror will mercifully be complete."---Emo Kevin Sumlin [Dawg Sports]


The Vols' offense is regressing, which is probably not a good thing when your next opponent is Alabama.--Get the Picture

The Vols bowl chances are firmly placed on their ability to keep Worley from getting sacked less than 50 more times this season. I'd take the over on that, by the way.--Georgia Sports Blog

I do appreciate the Vols wearing bright orange CAUTION uniforms when they play.--Rock M Nation


Spruce Derden -- USA TODAY Sports


Seems like they've lost interest in winning -- or even being particularly competitive.--A Sea of Blue

"Life is a dull march marked by progressing decay and eventual death. So apparently is our season."---Emo Kevin Sumlin [Dawg Sports]

When do we start pointing out the Aggies have probably gotten progressively worse in each year since Sumlin's magical 2012 debut? Sumlin and Hugh Freeze started at the same time and Ole Miss is top 5. Sure, A&M has only lost to top teams, but they should have lost to Arkansas and 59-0 is inexcusable with the recruiting classes they've brought in.--Arkansas Fight


A bye week means never having to get seal-clubbed by a good conference opponent.--Get the Picture

Season's almost done, y'all. You've almost made it.--Rock M Nation

Good news for Missouri: Vanderbilt might get caught looking ahead to that Old Dominion game.--Arkansas Fight