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SEC Power Poll, Week 10: Clutter

It's Alabama, Auburn and then your guess is as good as ours when it comes to this week's SEC Power Poll. But Arkansas and Kentucky are really bad

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports


1. Alabama Crimson Tide, 126 points (9 first-place votes)
2. Auburn Tigers, 112
3. Texas A&M Aggies, 98
4. LSU Tigers, 96
5. Missouri Tigers, 94
6. South Carolina Gamecocks, 93
7. Georgia Bulldogs, 68
8. Mississippi Rebels, 64
9. Florida Gators, 59
10. Tennessee Volunteers, 42
11. Vanderbilt Commodores, 37
12. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 29
13. Arkansas Razorbacks, 16
14. Kentucky Wildcats, 11

And just like that, Auburn is ranked the No. 2 team in the SEC. Just like we all expected at the beginning of the year, right? Oh, and Alabama is the only unanimous team on this week's blog at any position on this week's poll, which is the surest sign yet that the season no longer makes any sense.

You will also note that just five points separate No. 3 Texas A&M from No. 6 South Carolina, which appears to be our voters' way of throwing up their hands. Before we get too many complaints about South Carolina being behind Missouri -- we did have a couple of Georgia bloggers who gave the Gamecocks the lowest votes they got in the polls. But one South Carolina voter this week also ranked the Tigers ahead of the Gamecocks, and if that vote were switched, South Carolina would have been No. 5. It's not haterade; we're all just confused.

Disagreement is not the same as movement, however, and so the bottom nine spots remain the same on the poll. All that's really happened is Auburn and Texas A&M moving up two spots, Missouri dropping three and LSU dropping one. The morale of this story: Don't play teams from South Carolina at home.



That red team's pretty good.--Get the Picture

It's starting to look like they might actually deserve to play for another national championship.--Red Cup Rebellion


Looking at stats and how the teams Arkansas actually beat have done, I think Arkansas is worse than Kentucky. #science--Georgia Sports Blog

No more awful than they were last week. That's sort of like progress, right?--Dawg Sports


The Tigers are 3-1 in the SEC, but they've done so going minus-52 in net yardage.  That's a sign of good coaching, but it makes you wonder if the record is a bit of a mirage.--Get the Picture

Will still be thrashed senseless by Alabama, but for now their fleeting joy makes me feel like the Grinch listening to a bunch of carol-singing Whos.--Dawg Sports


The only team in the conference that's scored fewer points than the Gators this season is Kentucky.  No wonder Boom called a special staff meeting last week.--Get the Picture

Still alive in the East race. Technically.--And the Valley Shook


Getting Gurley back will help. Can it help keep the Dawgs from going to Nashville for a bowl game?--Georgia Sports Blog

Georgia-Florida in Jacksonville is home to the Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. In a preemptive move, mixers are not allowed this year so fans can numb the effects from watching this game.--Arkansas Fight


From the bottom of every Razorback's heart, thank you for holding down that bottom spot.--Arkansas Fight

If Kentucky played Arkansas, I think the space-time continuum would be compromised.--Red Cup Rebellion


Something to keep an eye on:  after only throwing two interceptions in his first seven games, Mettenberger's thrown five picks in his last two.--Get the Picture

Les has us all right where he wants us. Wherever the hell that is.--Dawg Sports


Paging Dr. Bo. Dr. Bo to delivery.--Georgia Sports Blog

Paul Petrino managed to lead his offense to 17 points in Oxford. So if the Hogs can't score at least 17 there in two weeks it's time to get rid of Bielema and Co., right?--Arkansas Fight


Officially not going to finish in last.--And the Valley Shook

Congrats on stopping a potential game-winning drive by Kentucky.--Red Cup Rebellion


I can't blame Pinkel for going conservative with a 17-point lead at home.  If you'd have watched the tape of how Spurrier handled the second half of the Tennessee game, you'd have done the same thing.--Get the Picture

That was the most Mizzou game ever.--And the Valley Shook


Unlike the other contenders for #3, the Gamecocks actually play some form of defense.--Rocky Top Talk

Spurrier trolls like no man.--And the Valley Shook


Will have the opportunity to make a move in November, but the smart money is probably on 6-6 and a low-tier bowl.--Rocky Top Talk

Well... um... they tied Bama in the second half!--And the Valley Shook


Even a banged up Johnny Football who's not much of a threat to run is still something.--Get the Picture

Where did that come from?--And the Valley Shook


Turns out it's not so easy to defend an offense with all of its weapons on the field.--Get the Picture

They have a shot at bowl-eligibility, but things have to go pretty well. It sure seems like James Franklin made a mistake in staying. Couldn't have happened to a guy I like less.--Red Cup Rebellion