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SEC Power Poll, Week 2: Alabama Crimson Tide Now the Unanimous No. 1; Georgia Bulldogs, Ole Miss Rebels Tied for Second Place

Meanwhile, everything in the middle gets scrambled and Vanderbilt is no longer everyone's choice for the worst team in the conference

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports


Team (First-place votes) Points Change Standard Deviation
1 Alabama Crimson Tide (12) 168 -- 0.000
2 Georgia Bulldogs 143 -- 0.900
2 Ole Miss Rebels 143 +3 0.793
4 Texas A&M Aggies 136 -- 1.371
5 LSU Tigers 125 +1 1.621
6 Tennessee Volunteers 90 +2 1.834
7 Mississippi St. Bulldogs 83 +3 1.881
7 Missouri Tigers 83 +2 1.676
9 Auburn Tigers 79 -6 2.429
10 Kentucky Wildcats 74 +3 1.642
11 Florida Gators 59 +1 1.311
12 South Carolina Gamecocks 35 -1 0.669
13 Arkansas Razorbacks 29 -6 0.900
14 Vanderbilt Commodores 13 -- 0.289

A lot of movement in this week's poll, but let's focus on the biggest headline of the week: Vanderbilt is not unanimously the worst team in the SEC for the first time since the final poll of the 2013 season. One voter -- not a Vanderbilt fan -- place Arkansas at No. 14 this week, breaking Vanderbilt's year-long stranglehold on every last-place vote.

Elsewhere, the theme of this week is a return to what one of our commenters used to call "the mushy middle" of the SEC. The top three and bottom three teams in the rankings all have standard deviations (again, a measurement of disagreement between voters) below one; everyone else in between those two extremes has a standard deviation of more than one. In fact, aside from Auburn, the standard deviations this week are almost a bell curve.


As far as Auburn goes: The high degree of disagreement is pretty much what you would expect when one of the conference front-runners finds itself in a near-upset (but not an actual upset) against an FCS team. The Tigers got votes ranging from No. 5 to No. 12, and two voters picked them at each of the extreme positions. No one knows what to think of the middle of the SEC right now.

Your other big moves are Ole Miss jumping into a tie for No. 2 -- HOORAY POINTS! -- Mississippi State jumping up three despite a loss to LSU (they can probably thank Arkansas and Auburn for help with that)., and Kentucky also advancing three spots after beating South Carolina in Columbia. Arkansas, which lost to Toledo, cratered like Auburn did after the Tigers' near-miss against Jacksonville State. Voters?

Alabama Crimson Tide

Another week of staying above the fray, and it looks like the Tide has settled on a quarterback.  But I'm sure Saban can find fault with something.---Get the Picture

The Death Star appears to be fully operational once more. Here's hoping that someone (other than Ole Miss) can find the exhaust port.---And the Valley Shook

Just another typical polite blowout for Nick Saban against a cupcake opponent. Much like when your dad used to let you score a few baskets in the driveway playing some pick-up hoops.---Roll Bama Roll

Arkansas Razorbacks

Remember last week, when I said the passing game wasn't fixed? Yeah.---Rocky Top Talk

Vandy is in the cellar, but they are just picking out a nice bottle of wine. When Arkansas moves in, it's going to be all feral cats and motorcycle parts.---Anchor of Gold

The Razorbacks had a ton of issues against Toledo this past weekend but the most troubling one has to be the 3.3 yards per carry stat. If the Hogs can't run the football against the Rockets, what are they going to do against SEC defenses?---Roll Bama Roll

Auburn Tigers

Pulled off an epic, come from behind overtime win against Alabama -- er, a West division rival -- um, an SEC opponent -- a Sun Belt team? -- eh, forget about it.---Get the Picture

Auburn needed to follow Missouri's lead. If you're going to get a scare from a non-Power Five university, do so in regulation and make sure the game is only broadcast on WatchESPN.---Rock M Nation

Managed to avoid a historic upset thanks to some inexplicable play calls and downright stupidity by their opponent. Tried to shoot themselves in the foot, but missed.---And the Valley Shook

Shanna Lockwood -- USA Today Sports

Florida Gators

Jim McElwain and his players seem to be getting along quite well!---A Sea of Blue

Needed a last second turnover to defeat East Carolina. In their defense, that might be the best Carolina this season.---And the Valley Shook

Held on for a close win over ECU, which isn't a reason to panic but isn't particularly impressive either.---Garnet and Black Attack

Georgia Bulldogs

Honestly, I think the most impressive aspect of their win over Vandy was the fact that Nick Chubb ran for 189 yards and didn't score a touchdown. What was he doing, running up to the end zone and taking a knee? That's sportsmanship right there, folks.---Rock M Nation

If Nick Chubb stays healthy, Georgia might make it to Atlanta. He's just incredible.---Red Cup Rebellion

UGA fan is comfortably discontented with [INSERT YOUR FAVORITE THING UGA FAN IS UPSET ABOUT]. Still got a 17 point road win while playing poorly.---Georgia Sports Blog

Kentucky Wildcats

I hesitate to say that a road win at South Carolina reflects a changing of the guard in the SEC East, but you have to think the improved recruiting that's occurred under Stoops is paying off.---Get the Picture

Stoops needed to win a conference game on the road to show progress in Year 3, and he got it.---Rocky Top Talk

The Wildcats may not be flawless, but they do have a win over another conference opponent, and they have shown the ability to both jump out to large leads over decent teams and hold off comeback attempts. Don't be surprised if this team finishes third in the East.---Roll Bama Roll

Jim Dedmon -- USA Today Sports

LSU Tigers

I don't care how ugly it looks; when you win a game and then lose it and then win it again in only four quarters, I'm going to be impressed.---Rock M Nation

Hey, Les. Your QB completed almost 70 percent of his passes, so it appears this one knows how to throw. You are legally allowed to throw passes in the final 20 minutes of a football game. Promise.---And the Valley Shook

LSU is looking more and more like a mirror image of UGA, what with the good defense, strong running game, and passing game that looks like it was drawn up on a pack of Lucky Strikes in 1952.---Georgia Sports Blog

Missouri Tigers

Well, you've got plenty of time to work out the kinks before your schedule gets tough.---Anchor of Gold

Did Missouri sleep walk through a weirdly scheduled road game or is Pinkel's magic mirror trick done?---Georgia Sports Blog

Nobody was watching, but we all know you had a close call against Arkansas State.---Garnet and Black Attack

Mississippi St. Bulldogs

Three quarters of sloppy play were just a little too much for one quarter of excellence to overcome.  Which may be a summary for MSU's season.---Get the Picture

Never get involved in a land war with Les Miles.---Rock M Nation

I feel bad that Dak Prescott's senior season will be at least 8 games of him doing everything humanly possible to will the Bulldogs to victory, only to have them lose because he is only but one man.---Georgia Sports Blog

Ole Miss Rebels

Ole Miss has been blowing the doors off of teams and Fresno State isn't a pushover. The real test will be in Tuscaloosa on Saturday.---A Sea of Blue

Looks like the Rebels' transformation into a basketball team is going well so far.---Rock M Nation

Sure, the Rebels haven't played anyone, but they've scored 70 points two weeks in a row. How many other conference teams could do that, even against, say, Toledo or Jacksonville State?---Red Cup Rebellion

Justin Ford -- USA Today Sports

South Carolina Gamecocks

Welp, the Ole Ball Coach lost his starting quarterback and now seems to be owned by Mark Stoops. Not looking good in Columbia.---A Sea of Blue

Don't worry, 'Cocks; you'll always be the better Carolina.---Anchor of Gold

I kept trying to talk myself out of the idea that the Gamecocks were destined for a  6-6 season this year, but the truth is, that's exactly what they are headed for. Just look at their roster; it's a world away from when they had guys like Clowney, Shaw, Lattimore, Gilmore, Ingram, Quarles, etc.---Roll Bama Roll

Tennessee Volunteers

Tennessee looks like the best team in the SEC! (after one quarter against Oklahoma) Butch Jones is the worst coach in the SEC! (after blowing 17 point lead and losing to Oklahoma)---A Sea of Blue

Has Dooley's mom called the radio show yet to defend Butch?---Anchor of Gold

Looked like the best team in the conference for 2.5 quarters. I guess Butch Jones skipped the day in coaching school they taught the length of games.---Georgia Sports Blog

Randy Sartin -- USA Today Sports

Texas A&M Aggies

The debut of the Aggies' new 102,000-plus seat stadium went swimmingly. In a neat, opening-game promotion, the first 70,000 fans that entered the game were given the opportunity to log a reception against Ball State.---Rock M Nation

That ASU win lost a little bit of luster. Still, blew out Ball St so thoroughly that ESPN moved their game to the Internet, probably to protect any children that may have been watching.---And the Valley Shook

A bit of reversion to the mean for their defense. The question remains: What is the mean?---Georgia Sports Blog

Vanderbilt Commodores

Second straight week the Commodores covered the spread.  Derek Mason is on a roll.---Get the Picture

Teams that have looked more competitive against the SEC this year than Vandy: Bowling Green, Western Kentucky, Toledo, Jacksonville State, and Southern Miss.---Rocky Top Talk

Look on the bright side:  if these were pre-1992 rankings, Vanderbilt would be all the way up at No. 10 instead of No. 14!---Anchor of Gold