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Danny Sheridan Does Not Identify Cam Newton Bag Man

USA Today analyst Danny Sheridan has not come forward with a name for the Cam Newton bag man. Sheridan originally reported at SEC Media Days that the NCAA had the name, but he said he didn't know it at the time. He said last week that he had the name, but he is not going to reveal it because he believes it would cause someone at the NCAA to lose their job. He was clear that not revealing the name had nothing to do with whether it's true, but rather it's all about protecting his source.

Sheridan's lawyer Vince Kilborn explained that Sheridan would have to out his source at the NCAA in case there was a libel lawsuit, and he is quite sure a lawsuit would be coming. He therefore advised Sheridan not to reveal the name. Sheridan also says he know the location of where the deal went down, but he again refused to reveal it to prevent the press from descending on that location.

Sheridan reiterated his statement that there is a witness to the deal that brought Cam Newton to Auburn, and it's up to that witness to come forward to make the case for the NCAA. He said he never promised to say the name (which is technically true), and he and his lawyer got very evasive when asked if Sheridan knew about the status of the NCAA investigation into Auburn.