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SEC Power Poll Results, Final Week: Decision


1. LSU Tigers, 120 points (10 first-place votes)
2. Alabama Crimson Tide, 110
3. Arkansas Razorbacks, 95
4. Georgia Bulldogs, 92
5. South Carolina Gamecocks, 83
6. Auburn Tigers, 70
7. Florida Gators, 56
8. Vanderbilt Commodores, 50
9. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 43
10. Kentucky Wildcats, 29
11. Tennessee Volunteers, 22
12. Mississippi Rebels, 10

LSU takes the final regular-season No. 1 spot in our SEC Power Poll -- which is not surprising given the way the season has gone. What is perhaps more surprising is how close Georgia came to passing Arkansas this week, a margin that could grow when we do this the next time, depending on how the showdown with LSU in Atlanta and the teams' bowl games go.

Beyond the five 10-win teams, it's a bit of a mish-mash. Auburn is the consensus pick after the Top 5, but Florida and Vanderbilt are close enough that the bowl finishes could make it an unusual season-ending poll. One thing that almost certainly won't change is Ole Miss' No. 12 spot.



Nice of Nick Saban to recognize LSU as "probably" the best team in the country, don't you think?--Get the Picture

Auburn trying to stop Trent Richardson looked like a car trying to stop a freight train -- and with a similar result.--A Sea Of Blue


Now that they've been blown out by the top two teams in the West, I must ask: who has Arkansas beaten, really?--And The Valley Shook

The Hogs found fool's gold jumping out to a 2-touchdown lead. That just pissed LSU off, and it didn't end well for Bobby Petrino's boys.--A Sea of Blue


At first glance, you might argue they overachieved, but the reality is that the Tigers started off decently and faded badly.--Get the Picture

The Plainsmen currently rank tenth in the SEC in total offense. Evidently, Gus Malzahn's brilliance consisted largely of telling Cameron Newton, "Attaway to play, Cam!"--Dawg Sports


Florida has done its best South Carolina imitation this year -- started out 4-0 and imploded.--A Sea Of Blue

Georgia's secret agent in Gainesville, Will Muschamp, has done his job magnificently. Uh, I mean, golly, how did the Gators ever go 6-6 with all that talent and such a superb offensive coordinator?--Dawg Sports


Mark Bradley, Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit all predicted Georgia would struggle (or lose outright) against Georgia Tech because they'd be looking ahead to the SEC title game. The Bulldogs are now 4-0 in games immediately preceding SECCG appearances (average MOV: three TDs). Find a new storyline, gentlemen.--SBN Atlanta

Say what you will, the third-longest active winning streak in the country is still the third-longest active winning streak in the country.--Dawg Sports


In ten years, Matt Roark will make a fabulous Jeopardy answer.--Get the Picture

Not to be a major wet blanket less than 48 hours after the Wildcats beat Tennessee for the first time in a quarter-century, but the long-term prognosis for this program under Joker Phillips is not good. There are next to zero playmakers on offense, and all the important contributors on defense (plus punter Ryan Tydlacka) will be gone after this year.--SB Nation Atlanta


Fell to a 14-0 deficit early against Arkansas, yet by the fourth quarter they had the normally cerebral and tight-lipped Bobby Petrino screaming obscenities across the field. In a season in which the Bayou Bengals have played some extremely entertaining football, that might have been their best achievement yet.--SB Nation Atlanta

When was the last time a unanimous number one team did not have a Heisman candidate? I think it shows how good of a TEAM this group is.--The ACC & SEC Blog


Can I vote them 13th?--And The Valley Shook

Is Ole Miss still in the league?--Get the Picture


I think it's safe to say the bloom has worn off the Dan Mullen rose a bit.--Get the Picture

Dan Mullen has gotten more mileage out of beating the SEC East than Steve Spurrier.--The ACC & SEC Blog


This year is nothing but a missed opportunity. Ten wins is a great accomplishment, but it feels empty.--And The Valley Shook

USC fans still saying ... Dang you Auburn... for two years now.--Leftover Hot Dog


Dooley should start updating his resume. Just in case.--And The Valley Shook

An ugly loss to Kentucky caps the Vols' first back-to-back losing seasons since 1911.--Get the Picture


When was the last time Vanderbilt had one less SEC victory than Florida?--A Sea Of Blue

Who is this Vandy?--Leftover Hot Dog