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C&F's SEC Power Poll Ballot for This Week

Because of the Thanksgiving weekend, voters got an extra day to submit their ballots this week.

1. LSU
So much for the whole "three-way tie" thing.

2. Alabama
Won't win the SEC West or the SEC, but the national championship isn't a bad consolation prize.

3. Arkansas
Stays at No. 3 until we see how Georgia does against LSU.

4. Georgia
The Dawgs can no longer avoid the LSU-Alabama-Arkansas group.

5. South Carolina
Any Gamecock fans disappointed to not playing in Atlanta this weekend should just remember how quickly they would have taken a 10-win regular season with victories against Florida, Georgia and Clemson a few years ago.

6. Auburn
The best of the rest. The rest just ain't worth very much right now.

7. Florida
Nope, Notre Dame wasn't the only problem with "decided schematic advantage."

8. Vanderbilt
It is not yet basketball season in Nashville.

9. Mississippi State
It is, in strict terms, your state. But it's not like you had a lot of competition to win it or anything.

10. Kentucky
If you can't go to a bowl game yourself, defeating your old rival and knocking them from the postseason is probably a close second.

11. Tennessee
How long before we start calling Derek Dooley "Mike Shula 2.0"?

12. Ole Miss
Might a hat be a better fit than a pirate in Oxford?