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Sprints Would Stop Writing About Realignment, But Jerry Jones Won't Shut Up // 06.17.10


Jerry Jones wants the Big XII to invite Arkansas and ...
... Notre Dame?!? Where in the name of all that is holy did that idea come from? Supposedly, the new conference "turns on TV sets across America and sends cash gushing out of Big 12 faucets everywhere."

They have money faucets in the Southwest? Really? I've got to see some of those.

Now we all know why Notre Dame has been turning down the Big Ten all these years. It's waiting on an invitation from a Big XII that is worse than it's ever been and is on the verge of falling apart at any moment. Yeah, that's it. Arkansas, predictably, has 'no interest.'

Maybe they should have a Division of Redundancy Division
Minnesota Athletics Director Joel Maturi's piercing observation about the divisional and scheduling questions the Big Ten now faces:

It may not be easy but that is only because it is difficult and challenging.

Well, yes. That will do it.

Pac-12 struggles with geography
Wait, Boulder and Salt Lake City are south of Berkeley? Why, yes, yes they are. Welcome to the Pac-12, that bastion of academics that Texas was thinking about joining.

Disregard the DeLoss Dodds voodoo doll I have in my top desk drawer
Larry Scott is okay with Texas turning down the invitation to join the Pac-Whatever. Really. He just wants their stadium to collapse.

The Big East: Dead Conference Walking since 2003
Our USF blog says there's nothing permanent about the "saving" of the Big East.

If anything, it's been given a stay of execution. What's more, no one has any idea how long this stay will last.

Which is true. But you do what you can to live for another day, right? Does that mean Dan Beebe has to give the roses back?

The Mayor prepares the College Football Conference Expansion Drinking Game for the next time this happens. Beautiful.


Don't do it, Steve!
There's trying to fix the Gamecocks despite their long fight with mediocrity. And then there's just daring that history of mediocrity to beat you into a bloody pulp, which is essentially what happened when South Carolina agreed to play Navy. The last time the Gamecocks played Navy was in 1984, when South Carolina was 9-0 and a serious national championship contender. Of course, South Carolina lost by 17 points. Navy would go on to finish the season 4-6-1.

Kentucky schedules toughest non-Louisville nonconference opponent in decades
The Wildcats will play Jacksonville State in 2011.

Hunter Morris signs pro deal
That means he will likely be a Brewer in the near future. Our condolences to his family.

Because Florida has to try to defeat Alabama at everything, I suppose
The Tide will unveil one statue, huh? Well, now Florida has commissioned three! Take that! These are of Steve Spurrier, Danny Wuerffel and Tim Tebow. No word on whether Tebow will actually sculpt his own statue or not.

Any excuse to get to use the name 'BenJarvus Green-Ellis' again
He was the last one to rush for 100 yards against Alabama -- a 34-game streak that has lasted nearly three years.

Well, the NCAA might have something to say about that
It turns out that Reggie Bush has not lost the ability to speak and was able to comment on the NCAA investigation of Southern Cal after all. Imagine that.

"That’s what I look forward to the most, is just having that relationship forever with my USC family and with my current Saints family." ...

Bush said he always wanted to represent his school with pride and hopes to strengthen his relationship with his former school whether the punishment stands or not.

Good luck with that one. You see, the NCAA ordered Southern Cal to disassociate itself from you, Reggie. So if you decide to "hav[e] that relationship forever," it's another broken rule and more trouble for Southern Cal. Of course, you could have thought about that when you broke the rules the first time. Or were you too busy thinking about yourself?