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Which WWE superstar would make the best SEC coach?

We asked, you answered.

WWE Network

So, as we mentioned the other day, Carolina-based indie wrestling promotion CWF Mid-Atlantic is having an All-SEC battle royal tonight that will be taped by ESPN and aired during college football season. That, naturally, got us thinking:

Which WWE superstar would make the best coach in the SEC?

We asked, and you answered. Here are the responses:

Those Georgia roots may make the prospect of Styles a bit weary, and he does have a win at the Citrus Bowl (I’m sorry). He has won championships in big moments though.

A retort, however:


Too good.

Titus does already have the Gator roots going for him, having played for Florida under the HBC back in the 1990s.

Oh man. Oh man.

Our second Eddie mention! Can’t argue with that.


Oh, boy.

The Mouth of the South would be absolutely fantastic, IMO. Appreciate the forward thinking of a staff.

Oooooooh yeah.