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Jontay Porter’s reclassification decision is coming soon

Around the SEC is back after a lengthy hiatus. Sorry about that.

Erin Quinn | Missourian

Jontay Porter’s decision on reclassifying is coming soon | KC Star

Via Tod Palmer via Michael Porter Jr., 2018 four-star Jontay Porter is expected to make his decision on reclassification next week. The buzz about Porter’s reclassification has been burning all spring and summer it feels like, and the expectation is that Jontay will join his brother for the upcoming 2017-18 season. Should that happen, Mizzou’s hoops lineup would be something fierce if it isn’t already, as the aforementioned Michael is arguably the best incoming freshman in the country.

Kentucky hoops can benefit on package deals | A Sea of Blue

The folks over at A Sea of Blue (hi guys) discuss the possibilities that lie ahead for the Wildcats and package deals. They have benefited plenty in the past from that, and a deal like Immanuel Quickly and Zion Williamson would obviously pay huge dividends if Calipari can swing them that way. What are osme others? Click the link to go and find out.

No, Jon Gruden probably isn’t becoming a college coach | Rocky Top Talk

GRUMORS! Okay, settle down now. If it’s gonna happen, it will probably happen in the NFL. At least that’s what the former Super Bowl-winning head coach toldPewter Report on Thursday in an article that certainly made waves across CFB and NFL Twitter.

Y’all know how that’ll end anyway. Name gets tossed out. ESPN sees. ESPN pays him big bucks to say. Rinse, repeat. It’s like Calipari-to-the-NBA rumors at this point. Let us know when it actually has some legs, y’all.