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Here's Our TSK Bracket Contest Winner

We have a winner.

With the tournament in the books, it's time to go back over the bracket contest. As I pointed out last time, the top ten wasn't going to change if Florida didn't make the title game. Well, Florida didn't make the title game, so the standings are the same:

  1. SpaceWrangla, 81 points
  2. Razor Jamon, 79
  3. Pat Young's arms, 78
  4. Darth Saban's Death Star, 70
  5. Richard Brandon's Bracket, 70
  6. Patrick's Astounding Bracket, 70
  7. Year2, 69
  8. IOENO, 68
  9. CinderFloirdealla, 68
  10. Is it football season yet?, 67

As for the T-Shirt contest, the highest ranked entry that also entered the contest was IOENO, so congrats on the win! I believe Gameday Depot will get in contact with you soon.

Thanks to everyone for playing, and I can't wait until football season gives us the next reason to do a picks contest.