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SEC Media Days 2014: Day 2 Schedule

Catch your favorite coaches when they appear.


The first day of SEC Media Days is in the books, and you can catch up with anything you missed in our StoryStream. About the only notable thing that hasn't been covered much anywhere is the fact that Will Muschamp did nothing to try to tamper expectations for this fall. The last time a coach in trouble did that, Derek Dooley was telling us that no one would "have Tennessee to kick around anymore" in 2012. Anyone know offhand how that worked out for him?

Anyway, there won't be a shortage of words today.

10 am ET: Steve Spurrier

The Head Ball Coach is always one of the best quotes at media days, at least when he expects to have a good team. Given his chirping about Nick Saban last month, it's safe to guess that he thinks he'll have a good team.

You never know quite what he's going to say, but expect to see media folks to try to goad him into more Saban talk. Whether it works or not is anyone's guess; sometimes he will back down from previous bon mots if he thinks he's misunderstood, but he's made similar comments on Saban in the past. If there's a must-see guy today, it's him.

The players who Spurrier brought with him are Dylan Thompson, A.J. Cann, and J.T. Surratt.

Later Session I: Dan Mullen

Excited. Excited? Excited! If there's one thing you can count on from Dan Mullen, it's that he's excited. Also, that he'll try to burn out the media types' voice recorders by talking at 500 words per minute.

Mullen will never be the A-grade quote that Spurrier is, but he's not past stirring the pot from time to time. With a boatload of starters back, expectations are going to be higher for him heading into this fall. Expect a few references to his Egg Bowl win, lest anyone forgot that Mississippi State won the Egg Bowl last year, because MSU won the Egg Bowl.

The players Mullen brought with him are Dak Prescott, Bernardrick McKinney, and Jay Hughes.

2 pm ET: Kevin Sumlin

Coach, did you know Johnny Manziel has left? What are you going to do without Johnny Manziel? Have you hung out with Johnny Manziel and LeBron James yet? Is it possible to replace Johnny Manziel? Will Johnny Manziel come to fall practice and bless your team with his Johnny Manziel-ness?

Sumlin is a lot more laid back than the coaches going before and after him are, and he's not a scene stealer like Spurrier is. Most boring presser of the day? Maybe, but don't count him out. It was kind of funny to watch him tire of the, "Can A&M play in the man's league?" stuff two years ago, so watch for the contempt to radiate from his face the fifth time someone asks him a Manziel question.

The players Sumlin brought with him are Cedric Ogbuehi, Deshazor Everett, and Drew Kaser.

Later Session II: Butch Jones

Jones is an excitable guy, so he'll provide a late-day boost to the scribes who are starting to fade. He doesn't push the human words-per-minute barrier like Mullen does—few people can—but his press appearances can sometimes have the feeling of being at a pep rally.

Jones is a pro at these things, though, which means he'll secretly be the most boring person of the day. He'll probably have a catchphrase—last year's was "brick by brick"—and he'll get you feeling fired up without revealing anything much of anything that wasn't already public information. If you record yourself reading the Tennessee page from Phil Steele's magazine and play it back at double speed, it might approximate Jones's appearance today.

The players Jones brought with him are AJ Johnson, Curt Maggitt, and Mack Crowder.