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Les Miles Will Stay at LSU, Suprising Very Few

It shouldn't really come as a shock, but it looks like the boomlet of "Les Miles going to Arkansas" stories have produced the desired raise and extension for the head coach


Remember that bizarre an inexplicable story about how Les Miles got a contract offer from Arkansas? The one that had all of us scratching our heads about whether it was a real offer or just a means to scare up some more money from LSU? We have our answer now.

I know. It's hard to imagine that a head coach might possibly use the threat of taking a job somewhere else to get a better deal at his current position. But that appears to be just what Les Miles has done here.

And good for him. While LSU flopped in the national championship game last year and won't play for the SEC title this season, Miles has still been an extraordinarily good coach for LSU. His methods might be -- um, unconventional -- but it's hard to argue with his results.

Now we can return to rumors that actually have more basis in fact. Anybody know the tail number on Jon Gruden's airplane?