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2010 SEC Tackles for Loss & Sacks

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In a continuing effort to provide a comparison across the conference in various statistical categories we move on to tackles for loss and sacks. As a statistic this one might not be as revealing as most but it is at least a metric by which to measure the effectivness of one's offensive and defensive lines. As usual, the numbers are the NCAA's as compiled at CFB

2010 Total Sacks and Tackles for Loss

If you cared to wonder what, exactly, Nick Fairley brought to the Auburn defense, here is your answer. His school record 24 TFL's and 11.5 sacks were a big reason the Plainsmen performed so well on defense last season. South Carolina also showed that while its overall defense was middle-of-the-pack, it could bring pressure consistently. Aabama, was the mirror image of the Gamecocks with a dominating overall defense but perplexingly weak with TFL and sacks. Kentucky was simply woeful.

On the other side of the ball things were a little bit more logical.

2010 Total Allowed Sacks and Allowed Tackles for Loss

Georgia's offensive line proved rather effective in limiting tackles for loss but wasn't nearly as effective in preventing sacks. Looking at Alabama's inability to protect the quarterback makes one wonder how he made it all the way to the Iron Bowl before having his ribs cracked. Ole Miss was the polar opposite; the stingiest in terms of permitting sacks but horrible in stopping TFLs.