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SEC Adopts Package of Oversigning and Roster Management Regulation Package

I don't have much time now, so I'm just going to lay this out. After announcing a record $18.3 million payout to each school in the conference, Mike Slive announced that the SEC will adopt a package of rules regarding oversigning and roster management. He plans on submitting these rules to the NCAA for it to adopt as well.

  1. Banning the graduate school exemption for players with only a year of eligibility left. That keeps SEC schools from participating in the senior year free agency market. This goes into effect in October, giving Russell Wilson a chance to transferring into the league this summer.
  2. Conference oversight of medical exemption scholarships. This was a part Slive's leaked proposal.
  3. Restricting number of signees to 25 per year. The coaches were unanimously against this, but the presidents were unanimously for it. Again, this was in Slive's leaked agenda.

The only proposal from the leaked agenda that didn't go through was the fourth one, which would have banned early enrollees from signing financial aid agreements before they actually enrolled in school.

This is big news. It will be even bigger if the NCAA adopts these rules for everyone.