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Feeling a Draft?

It's terrible headline season as the NFL Draft draws ever closer. We'll have a comment thread open so we can all discuss how ridiculous the whole thing actually is.

The only big news of yesterday was that Tennessee QB B.J. Coleman is going to transfer. It's the first voluntary defection of the Lane Kiffin era, and it leaves the UT quarterbacking situation pretty dire. Head over to Rocky Top Talk for full coverage.

ESPN's Chris Low highlighted the fact that the SEC has a handy list of all of the conference's first round selections for you viewing pleasure. From Alabama's Riley Smith in 1936 to Arkansas' Felix Jones in 2008, it's a long list that's going to get a little bit longer tomorrow.

Are you going to be watching the draft this weekend? It's normally an excruciating event that takes way too long, though the reduction to 10 minutes between picks helps. I'll probably have it on in the background as I do something nerdy like test drive the new Mythbuntu, and of course I'll be commenting in the thread.

Is Stafford going No. 1? Will Percy Harvin fall out of the first round? Can average Americans make it another year without throwing a remote at thier TVs every time Mel Kiper, Jr. speaks? We'll all find out tomorrow.