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Snuggie Up: The SEC Is Still Marketing Gold

So let's imagine you're selling a product. It's an as-seen-on-TV deal, but you're also big time enough to be in SkyMall. Never mind the fact it's actually the worst product in its extremely niche market. You need to move some units.

You hear that college sports are hot, maybe even recession proof. So, why not slap some university logos on there. You'll make $100 million! Just casually forget what the fans might think when they see this:


Ah ha! So that's what it takes to get peace in the Yellowhammer State. Oversized backwards bathrobes.

But wait, that's not all! Order right now and and we'll squeeze some more embarrassment in there for another couple schools for no additional charge!


Yup, that's the same exact guy who was just wearing the Alabama Snuggie in the other picture. Is nothing sacred?

All-Star Marketing is the name of the firm pushing these things, but they're clearly not all-stars when it comes to understanding the colleges behind those logos. Who exactly buys these things anyway?

(H/T: Darren Rovell)