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Georgia clobbered by Texas in Sugar Bowl

A suboptimal end to the season for the Dawgs.

Allstate Sugar Bowl - Texas v Georgia Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

In the month’s leadup to the Sugar Bowl and the College Football Playoff itself, many stumped for the Georgia Bulldogs. They believed that despite the fact that they had two losses and failed to defeat the Alabama Crimson Tide in the SEC Championship Game, they were deserving of a spot in the Playoff.

Well, Georgia did little to prove those stumpers right on Tuesday night. The first day of 2019 ended very sourly for the Dawgs, as the Texas Longhorns trampled them in the Sugar Bowl. Though the final score was 28-21 in favor of Texas, make no mistake: This was a thorough ass whooping.

Texas took the ball down to the end zone on their opening drive and it really was off to the races there. Sam Ehlinger plunged into the end zone to give Texas the lead, and they would never relinquish it. Georgia looked rather listless and punchless, while it was the Longhorns who were doing the punching.

Ehlinger again would later score on a nine-yard rush in the second quarter to make it 17-0, their largest lead at the time. Five minutes later, Brian Herrien delivered Georgia’s first score of the game on a 17-yard catch and run off the arm of Jake Fromm . But Texas kicked a field goal to make it 20-7 heading into the break.

It wouldn’t really stop there. Ehlinger again barreled into the end zone on a 4th down and goal play that essentially iced things up. They scored on a 2-point conversion, off a pass from Ehlinger to Collin Johnson, and the Longhorns held a firm 21-point lead. Mecole Hardman and D’Andre Swift each picked up receiving touchdowns in the 4th quarter, but it mattered not at that point.

There are likely many who are taking delight in the schadenfreude in the wake of this Georgia loss. And frankly, even as we are an SEC blog, it’s hard to really blame them. The advocating for UGA never really made all that much sense. For one, no two-loss team had ever made the CFB Playoff before and likely won’t unless expansion happens down the line.

Secondly, everyone saw Georgia blow a 14-point lead to Alabama in the SEC Title Game. The reaction to that was not to say that UGA blew their opportunity at making the Playoff... but instead, since seven points remains the closest deficit to ‘Bama, and the Dawgs had them on the ropes, everyone seemed to decide that... they were worthy of being in the Playoff. Kirk Herbstreit thought they should move up for goodness sake. Nobody seemed to emphasize the fact that they lost in their shot.

When you combine that with the fact that Georgia had the doors blown off them by the LSU Tigers earlier in the year, putting them in, again, never really made any sense whatsoever. And in the aftermath of both the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Oklahoma Sooners each losing their semifinal games, you might have noticed quite a lot of Georgia fans and players tweeting in delight. There was so much bemoaning about UGA would’ve put up a better fight, that they were worthy, and this and that.

Well, at least now they know Rule #1: Never tweet. And if you’re gonna make a big show of everything, you’d best deliver when the time comes. Georgia just straight up didn’t.