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Topics for Discussion: Questions About the SEC After Week 2

From the lack of surprises to the margin of next Saturday's biggest games, here's your place to sound off on the issues in the SEC

Frederick Breedon

Did anything that happened this week surprise you? There were no major upsets -- though South Carolina, Mississippi State and at times Tennessee made things more interesting than they probably should have been -- and the one SEC game went pretty much as expected. But was there anything in the underlying numbers that you weren't expecting? Or did you see a score that made you sit up and take notice?

New and improved Bo Wallace? The good doctor had a solid day against Vanderbilt that was devoid of the kind of turnover issues that plagued him in the past: 23-of-30, 320 yards and a touchdown. Then again, it was Vanderbilt, and Dr. Bo has sometimes been more accurate with his instruments than his reputation would lead you to believe. But could this be the beginning of a season where his surgical precision will improve, or is the game against Boise State more representative of what we can expect?

How many games will Vanderbilt win? Here's the remainder of the schedule: UMass, South Carolina, at Kentucky, at Georgia, Charleston Southern, at Missouri, Old Dominion, Florida, at Mississippi State, Tennessee. Are the three games that appear to be locks -- UMass, Charleston Southern and Old Dominion -- sure things? What are the odds that the Commodores can get an SEC win this season?

Which game will be closer: Tennessee-Oklahoma or Georgia-South Carolina? The Volunteers spent their day swatting away Arkansas State, finally emerging with a 34-19 win. Oklahoma, meanwhile, crushed Tulsa 52-7 on the road. And South Carolina edged East Carolina by 10 points while the Dawgs took an early bye and will have had two weeks to prepare for the Gamecocks. So assuming the two underdogs lose -- and that seems like a pretty safe bet at this point -- which one will come closer to the winner? Which one do you see having the better chance to pull the upset?

What's your favorite undercard for next week? Obviously, the games between the Vols and the Sooners on one hand and the Dawgs and the Gamecocks on the other are going to be the ones taking up most of the oxygen. But what's the next-best game on tap? Does UCF's visit to Missouri strike you as a possible upset? Are you intrigued by old SWC foes Arkansas and Texas Tech squaring off again? Or will you be watching Kentucky's visit to Florida to see just how much the Wildcats have improved?