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Jesse Palmer Is Going Back to Reality TV

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

How did we miss this? Jesse Palmer's talents apparently cannot be limited to just the new SEC Network. In fact, his reality TV side still needs a chance to shine. Thankfully, Food Network is there to offer Palmer his own show: Food Truck Face Off, which is not to be confused with the Great Food Truck Race. (HT: @LAmeetsDC)

Host Jesse Palmer, a former NFL superstar ...

PR person, I'mma let you finish -- but first I feel the need to point out that Jesse Palmer started three games in his "superstar" NFL career and has a career passer rating of 59.8. Palmer was a solid quarterback in college, but let's not go crazy here. In any case, proceed.

Host Jesse Palmer, a former NFL superstar and a broadcast sports journalist, will be on hand to challenge the top contenders to 48 hours of no-nonsense contests, and if these future entrepreneurs want to impress Jesse and the judges, they must endure a roster of tests designed to demonstrate their powerful business mindset and impressive customer service -- not to mention wow-worthy food.

And guess who else is involved? Steak Shapiro, perhaps best known for publicly mocking someone who had ALS. What could possibly go wrong?