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College Football Rankings: AP Poll Puts Five SEC West Teams in Top 10

It's also interesting to take a look at where Georgia and South Carolina are ranked after they played a game that had a winner and all

Wesley Hitt

There's nothing too wonky about the rankings this week -- we'll get to one quibble in a minute -- but there is something that won't last: More than half of the SEC West is in the Top 10 in both polls, and 71.4 percent of the division is there in one of the surveys. The SEC East is struggling a little bit more. One upshot of the polls: Auburn and Kansas State's Thursday game is now going to be a Top 20 showdown.

AP Coaches
1 Florida State (37) Florida State (50)
2 Oregon (17) Alabama (1)
3 Alabama (1) Oregon (6)
4 Oklahoma (2) Oklahoma (4)
5 Auburn Auburn
6 Texas A&M (3) Baylor
7 Baylor Texas A&M
9 Notre Dame Notre Dame
10 Ole Miss UCLA
11 Michigan State Michigan State
12 UCLA Ole Miss
13 Georgia Arizona State
14 South Carolina Georgia
15 Arizona State Stanford
16 Stanford South Carolina
17 Southern Cal Wisconsin
18 Missouri Ohio State
19 Wisconsin Missouri
20 Kansas State Kansas State
21 BYU Southern Cal
22 Clemson Nebraska
23 Ohio State BYU
24 Nebraska Clemson
25 Oklahoma State North Carolina
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There are now five SEC teams in the AP Top 10, all from the SEC West -- No. 3 Alabama, No. 5 Auburn, No. 6 Texas A&M, No. 8 LSU and No. 10 Ole Miss. There are only four such teams in the coaches Top 10, with Ole Miss sitting around at No. 12. At some point, of course, those teams are going to start playing each other, some of them are going to start losing and those teams are going to start falling. The SEC East just got a bit of a head start on that with the Gamecocks' win over the Bulldogs.

Speaking of -- Georgia is ranked one spot ahead of South Carolina in the AP poll and one in the coaches rankings. Again, this isn't a huge deal this early in the season, and it looks like it might have been valid last week when Ohio State remained ahead of Virginia Tech, but there's your losing-team-ranked-ahead-of-winning-team combination for the week.

Aside from that, Missouri continues to quietly move up the rankings as it continues to win. That's the end of the teams from the SEC. Florida has lost some ground in the others receiving votes category, and Mississippi State seems to be moving toward getting ranked. Arkansas is also getting votes in both polls, which means that it's not just Bret Bielema ranking the Hogs.