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Topics for Discussion: An Overrated SEC, Looking for Heisman Candidates and Choosing the Best Game

We take a look at some of the big issues in the SEC as September comes to an end -- and look for your feedback

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Is the SEC overrated? So far this season, the reputation of the SEC seems to rest on five teams -- Alabama, Florida, Georgia, LSU and South Carolina -- six if you count still undefeated Mississippi State. But while the Gators and the Western Division Bulldogs were taking the bye, Alabama had an unspectacular win over Ole Miss while its victories against Michigan and Arkansas start to look less valuable; Georgia found itself in a shootout with Tennessee; LSU and South Carolina had to pull away late from teams they should have overwhelmed. So is it possible that maybe the SEC isn't quite as good as we think it is?

Who is the SEC's best Heisman candidate? Geno Smith has started to put the rest of the field in his rearview mirror with his eye-popping stats, but which conference player has the best chance at winning the award? Are there any surprises emerging in the Heisman race from the SEC? Or is there even anyone in the SEC that warrants serious Heisman consideration?

Is the better game next week in Columbia (SC) or Gainesville? The Georgia-South Carolina game will likely feature two Top 6 teams, something LSU-Florida won't be able to say, and will go a long way toward deciding which SEC East team goes to Atlanta. But the higher-ranked team overall will be playing against Florida, and a win by either team could make them the squad to beat in their respective divisions. Gameday cast its vote for Georgia-South Carolina, but which one are you looking forward to more?

What's happened to Missouri? Remember when the Tigers were going to have an easier time than the Aggies with the Big 12-SEC transition? Well, it hasn't been a cakewalk for either Missouri or Texas A&M, but Mizzou spent the day in a dogfight with UCF to get back above .500. Is it just the issues James Franklin is having getting over his injuries, or is something else wrong in the other Columbia?

Who's going to be walking the sidelines in Fayetteville next season? We might as well get the speculation going, since we all know that JohnL Smith is not going to be the head coach for Arkansas in 2013. So who will? Should the Hogs go for a defensive guy to shore up that side of the ball? A young guy looking to build his own brand or a veteran looking for one last rebuilding project? Who will they hire and who should they hire?