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Sprints Is Watching Derek Dooley's Dad on the Internet // 08.30.12

You remember the orange pants, don't you?
You remember the orange pants, don't you?

It sounds bad out there.

Baton Rouge has been hammered for more than a day.

Still on for now.

LSU missed practice yesterday for understandable reasons, but as of now, the game on Saturday is still on. Here's hoping this storm gets a move on and vacates the area before any more of Louisiana ends up under water.

For those of you under 30, this guy is Derek Dooley's dad.

The SEC has a new web video series called "The Vince Dooley Show", which is hosted by this old guy who says he's the father of the current Tennessee head football coach. It's hard to see the family resemblance because he doesn't have an immovable helmet of hair on his head like his purported son does. He seems to know a lot about the game and the conference though, so it's worth a watch.

Speaking of Doolander.

Alabama safety Vinnie Sunseri would prefer his father Sal not follow Dooley the Younger's sartorial lead in his debut as Tennessee defensive coordinator.

I blame Stuxnet.

Phil Steele unveiled his computer simulation for the year ahead. It has three teams going 12-0, none of them in the SEC, and it has Florida winning more games than LSU. Yes, really. Maybe it's time for Mr. Norton to do a sweep of the ol' hard drive.

Yep, this thing is still around another couple of years.

Samuel Chi, the BCS Guru, has his projected preseason BCS rankings up with Bama and LSU 1-2. Keep in mind this is not his opinion but rather an estimate of what the BCS rankings would be if they were released right now.

Get your listen on.

If you haven't yet, listen to the Solid Verbal SEC preview episode with's Andy Staples. It's a half hour of great and funny football talk

"There's no worse feeling as a coach or a quarterback to know... you only have about two seconds to get a play off."

That's Hugh Freeze's take on the collection of pass rushers in the SEC. He's going to have that worst feeling a lot, I'm afraid.