Florida Wide Receivers Coach Aubrey Hill Resigns


Florida's recruiting coordinator and wide receivers coach Aubrey Hill has resigned as a result of the Nevin Shapiro scandal at Miami (officially for "personal reasons", but yeah). Hill was at Miami when some of that was going down, and Shapiro named him as being aware of violations that were going on. Hill joined Will Muschamp's staff at Florida shortly after Muschamp was hired. This was probably only a matter of time. UF stood by HIll when the allegations against him initially came out, but Hill was again named by Yahoo! Sports as having been aware of and participated in more violations recently. The job of coaching the receivers will fall to OC Brent Pease, who coached the position at Boise State before becoming coordinator, and a grad assistant. It's a big distraction right before fall camp, and it will remain to be seen what this does to the recruiting class.

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