Beginners guide to online betting


With an increasing number of states relaxing their laws on sports betting, millions of more wagers are placed on the result of football, basketball and soccer every week. Sports fans and armchair followers aim to become more involved in the big match by giving themselves a financial interest at the best online sportsbooks.

It’s easy to get involved in betting if the laws allow in your home state or an area you are vising. This page gives readers a beginners guide to online betting, explaining how to create an account and bag a welcome bonus.

We have done the research so you don’t have to, returning with our findings and advice on how to set up an account in the quickest and safest way possible. You should conduct your own research into the best betting apps available in your area and always read the terms and conditions for new players before signing up. A great way to do this is by reading betting reviews and comments left by real users sharing their experiences. There are many great and reliable betting sites online and it’s important that you

Some of the topics covered in this article include;

- How to register

- How to login

- How to place a bet

- How to get a bonus

- How to deposit funds

Registration and login

243274894_10165711130525026_1302187428869570983_n.0.jpgThe registration process is quick and easy. The steps have been streamlined to ensure you spend the least possible time setting up your account and have more time to enjoy the betting app.

Every bettor must have a registered account with a legal and licensed bookmaker, and you need to complete this process only once. When doing so, you will gain a username and password that is unique to you and allows you to log in to your account from anywhere in the country via the website or mobile site.

Follow the steps below to register for an account in the quickest possible time;

- Visit the homepage of your chosen bookmaker

- Select the join button at the top of the homepage

- Fill in the registration form with all required information

- Create a memorable but secure username

- Confirm your account and deposit funds to bet

Placing bets is just as easy, and you can choose from a wide range of sports and markets, but more on that later. Here’s how to place a bet, using an NFL match as our example;

- Login to your account with your username and password

- Select the football tab from the navigation bar

- Click NFL

- Select the odds of the selection you wish to make to add it to your bet slip

- Input a stake and confirm the bet

-Bonuses and promo codes

We can’t cover online betting without highlighting the amazing welcome bonuses and promotions available to players. It is these offers that help separate online betting from land-based gambling.

All new customers are eligible for a welcome bonus free bet, and there’s usually no promo code required. This is a promotion aimed at attracting new players to the site while rewarding you for choosing one sportsbook over the competition. If you follow the registration steps set out earlier in this article, you will secure your welcome bonus. But what exactly is the bonus?

Join an online betting site today, and you will receive a free bet. This deal is strictly for new customers only, so you can only use it once, but it does prove that now is the perfect time to sign up.

Register as a new player and make your first deposit, then place a qualifying sportsbook bet. When your first wager has been settled, the free bet due to you will be added to your account balance.

Paying for your bets

You can deposit funds to your betting account using your debit card or e-wallet, such as VISA, PayPal and Neteller. The funds will be transferred to your betting account instantly, which allows you to add funds and start betting. This is ideal for those betting in a rush as it allows quick access to bets using a smartphone or desktop computer and is perfect for those eager to get their stake down and secure the best possible odds.

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