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Bryce Brown Cleared, Patchan and Debose Likely to Follow

Fairly early yesterday we learned that Georgia's Orson Charles was not going to have any eligibility issues from the allegations against him in the Yahoo! Sports report on Miami. Yesterday evening, we learned that Arthur and Bryce Brown will not have any issues at Kansas State either. That's good news for Tennessee, as it means there won't be any issues stemming from Bryce's time in Knoxville.

Furthermore, compliance expert David Ridpath is quoted in this article as saying that he can't think of a case where violations at one school followed a player to another. He even referred to it as a "get-out-of-jail free card". That bodes well for the two Florida players named in the report.

Matt Patchan got essentially the same treatment from Nevin Shapiro that Charles got, so we knew he was fine when the NCAA cleared Charles. There might have been some problem with Debose's much longer list of allegations, but in all he got fewer impermissible benefits than Arthur Brown did. Both guys were at practice yesterday along with receivers coach Aubrey Hill, who was also named in the report.

What will happen to Hill and Alabama staffers Jeff Stoutland and Joe Pannunzio is as of yet unclear. While penalties don't tend to follow players from school to school, they can follow coaches. The most famous example in recent years is that of basketball coach Kelvin Sampson, who had recruiting restrictions placed on him at Indiana for violations he committed at Oklahoma. As of now none of them look like they're in that big of trouble, but it's a fluid situation to say the least.


UF has released a statement indicating that Patchan and Debose have no eligibility issues. That's four-for-four on the players.