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Sprints is Having Lunch Today // 04.18.11

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Spring games! Getcher spring games here!

Last week was loaded with spring games, and the SBN SEC bloggers were all over them. See wrapups from the ones at AlabamaArkansasAuburnGeorgiaOle Miss, and Tennessee.

Offensive wizardry, etc.

At this point, Bobby Petrino is the best offensive mind in the SEC. Smart Football breaks down the shallow cross concept, one of Petrino's most lethal.

SEC SPDI is up

Matt Melton annually does a power ranking for each conference based on how their teams' offenses and defenses perform relative to average. The SEC list is up, and it's pretty interesting. You probably won't guess who ended up first in defense, but you won't be surprised at who was last in everything.

Caught red and black handed.

Three people were arrested over the weekend in suspicion of stealing items from Georgia's locker room about a week and a half ago. One of them was 2012 recruit Deion Bonner, who is one of the state's top DB recruits. That's not a good way to get your college career going, but I have a feeling that some coach somewhere is going to have a talk with him and decide he's leaned his lesson.

Guy Morriss forreverr.

Got some time today? Take a peek at the 2001 Kentucky Wildcats playbook.