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Sprints is Hung Over on Creme Eggs // 04.25.11

I wasn't alive for some of these, and I certainly don't remember several others. Still, it's cool to see how TV has introduced college football over time. My favorite is the ABC intro where the "quarterback" is wearing No. 46. Did Not Do the Research, indeed.

Where there's smoke...

Reports have said that early on in Urban Meyer's tenure at UF, one of his biggest problems was getting rid of the widespread pot usage that went on with the team under Ron Zook. It never went away, with high profile incidents including starting DT Marcus Thomas getting booted from the team for failed drug tests in the middle of the 2006 season and Percy Harvin's failed test before the NFL Draft.

Four months into Will Muschamp's time at UF, the team has seen four marijuana arrests. Janoris Jenkins picked up his second arrest on Saturday, while it's just now being reported Chris Martin and Kedric Johnson were arrested on pot charges back in January. Muschamp said that Jenkins would be given internal punishment after his first arrest; no one from UF has commented on these new reports from the weekend.

Muschamp spent a lot of time talking in his introductory press conference about "the Florida Way" and how discipline was going to be a major focus of his. All right then coach, here's your chance to prove it.

The case that's setting an NCAA land speed record.

Ohio State has received a Notice of Allegations from the NCAA regarding Jim Tressel, and that's been a story for what, two months now? That's some serious hustle from the glacially slow NCAA on this one. OSU could be charged as a repeat violator thanks to Troy Smith getting money from a booster a while back and violations in the basketball program. Notably, it's not facing "lack of institutional control" or "failure to monitor" charges.

The fact that Ohio State is not going up against those charges reinforces the notion that the NCAA believed that Tressel really didn't tell his president or AD about anything. Backing that up is seven months' worth of Tressel's emails.

Don't get too excited, Razorbacks.

The only game of the Buckeyes' 2010 season that can't be vacated is the Sugar Bowl, as the five players in question were officially ruled eligible for that game. In hindsight, allowing the Buckeye Five to play in that Sugar Bowl might have been the NCAA's singularly worst decision of the last 10 years., and that includes all the messing around with the clock rules that went on from 2005-08.

Tell me something we didn't know.

Mark Richt was not pleased with his team's effort last year. With all that soon-to-be NFL drafted talent and a 6-7 record, that's Captain Obvious territory right there. One name to watch for this year is JUCO transfer nose tackle John Jenkins.

Anatomy of an Upset: UL-Monroe vs. Alabama

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