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Alleged Toomer's Corner Oaks Poisoner Harvey Updyke Allegedly Attacked

Harvey Updyke, who is on trial for poisoning the oaks at Toomer's Corner in Auburn, was allegedly attacked this afternoon after his first court appearance.

Updyke made a stop at the Tiger Express (yes, really) gas station in Opelika where someone reportedly jumped him and caused some minor scratches and bruising to his face. That's good to hear, given that the earliest reports had him going to the hospital with "head injuries." Updyke couldn't describe the assailant, as he reports being knocked out, and the gas station has no security cameras pointed at the spot where the attack took place. Finding out who did it will be pretty difficult as a result, and it doesn't help that Updyke is not cooperating with the investigation.

Just as Updyke is from the lunatic fringe of the Alabama fan base, so too is this attacker from the lunatic fringe of the Auburn fan base (if it was an Auburn fan who hit him). It's important to remember that these events do not represent the standard partisan on either side. That said, the crazy minorities of the two camps are giving the state, and by extension the SEC, a bad name right now. As for me, every Alabama and Auburn fan I've personally met has been a perfectly normal person, but I've also never lived in the state of Alabama.

Today in court Updyke's attorney waived his client's right to a preliminary hearing. The case will proceed in front of a grand jury next month.