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SEC Coaches 2010 Cost per Win

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Yesterday we took a look at what the various Southeastern Conference schools were shelling out for the key members of their coaching staffs so today we'll take a glance back and see how effective those same institutions were with their spending last year.

When you break down each of the conference's coaches salaries by how much the school paid per win it turns out the two extremes went head-to-head in the Egg Bowl last year. Mississippi State's Dan Mullen was paid approximately $133,000 for each win in 2010 including the 31-23 victory over Ole Miss in Oxford on Nov. 27. Houston Nutt, by contrast, was the king of diminishing returns last season earning a whopping $625,000 per win.

Here is the full list. I also included the team's SEC win percentage to give a yardstick on how each performed sans cupcakes. For the sake of consistency, all of these salary figures are taken directly from USA Today's NSLI Database.

Team Cost per win HC's 2010 Salary 2010 SEC
Win %
Miss. State $133,000 $1.2 million .500
Auburn $150,000 $2.1 million 1.000
S. Carolina $189,000 $2.0 million .625
Arkansas $270,000 $2.7 million .750
Kentucky $283,000 $1.7 million .250
LSU $341,000 $3.75 million .850
Tennessee $350,000 $2.1 million .375
Georgia $466,000 $2.8 million .375
Florida $500,000 $4.0 million .500
Alabama $520,000 $5.2 million .625
Ole Miss $625,000 $2.5 million .125
Vanderbilt N/A N/A .125

While Mullen provided the best bargain among SEC programs in 2010, Auburn arguably got a better bang for its buck last season with Gene Chizik. While the second-year head coach only cost the Tiger's $150,000 per victory - the second-best mark in the conference - the last of those games was for a National Championship. Both Chizik and Mullen garnered raises in the off season and it's not difficult to discern why.

South Carolina and Arkansas both got what they paid for in 2010 as well. Steve Spurrier was paid $189,000 for each of the Gamecock's wins while Bobby Petrino got $270,000 for each Razorback victory.

On the other end of the spectrum, Houston Nutt's middle-of-the-pack paycheck was overwhelmed by the Rebel's back-of-the-pack performance. Ole Miss paid their head coach a whopping $625,000 for each win in 2010.

The two best paid coaches in the league - Alabama's Nick Saban and Florida's Urban Meyer - suffered a few more losses than expected last year putting their teams at the bottom of the list. The Gators paid Meyer a cool half-million for every W on it's schedule and the Crimson Tide threw in $20,0000 more per game for Saban.