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I'm going to keep the stuff below the jump any way because I spent time writing it, but here we go.

Will Muschamp will be named UF's new coach, sources have told the Times-Union. He's the D coordinate at Texas.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck


Trey Burton had a new tweet welcoming an unspecified coach to the team; that was quickly deleted. This is likely why. More on that shortly. What happened until now after the jump.

Arkansas has signed Bobby Petrino to a long-term contract extension. And despite the idea that any sentence with "Bobby Petrino" and "long-term contract extension" is an automatic oxymoron, this one gives the Gypsy Coach of the South a nice $3.56 million per year salary and adds something to it that is of particular interest to Florida.

The new agreement will also expand the non-compete clause in Coach Petrino's current agreement to include all Southeastern Conference institutions, rather than being limited to western division institutions only.

So he's off the board until Florida hires its head coach from another conference, at which case you're free to begin speculating again.

Bob Stoops is denying he is about to sign a contract with Florida. This is from an actual newspaper and stuff, so there's probably no question that he's denying it. There's plenty of questions about whether he's telling the truth, but the denial itself would appear to be solid.