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Other Half of SEC Power Poll Ballot


1. Auburn

The path to the national title game is clear: just take care of business. Unfortunately for Auburn, the final two SEC opponents on the slate are arguably the two Auburn matches up the worst against. Georgia's like Kentucky with a defense, for instance, and the 'Cats nearly beat the Tigers.

2. LSU

Les Miles is not crazy; he's unconventional. He takes more risks than most, but no risk, no reward.

3. Alabama

The Tide is officially not repeating as champions, but it sure has a huge hand to play in the BCS discussions.

4. Arkansas

Arkansas had probably its best game of the season in shredding South Carolina. The Razorbacks are far from out of the running for a BCS game with LSU still to go on the schedule.

5. Mississippi State

The Bulldogs are playing with house money at this point, having surpassed just about everyone's expectations already.

6. Florida

The Gators definitely have found an identity on offense, which is good. You can throw out the Vandy game though, since nearly everything that could have gone Florida's way did. Vandy's terrible and pretty much folded in the second quarter.

7. South Carolina

The Gamecocks are reeling at this point. The team hasn't looked good since the first half of the Kentucky game.

8. Georgia

Just imagine if UGA had pulled out the Cocktail Party in overtime. This weekend's Auburn-Georgia game would be even more in the spotlight.

9. Kentucky

The Wildcats just need to beat one team from the state of Tennessee to go bowling. Right now, I think they can win both.

10. Ole Miss

The Rebels can't lose to the Vols this weekend with LSU and Mississippi State to go after the trip to Knoxville.

11. Tennessee

Overlooked storyline this month: the loser of the Tennessee-Vanderbilt game should clinch the bottom spot on the SEC Power Poll. 

12. Vanderbilt

Leave it to Vanderbilt to make Florida suddenly look really good again.