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Other Half of the SEC Power Poll Ballot


Like last week, I'm going to add a stat to my power poll rankings. This time, it's yards per point differential. That's yards per point allowed minus yards per point gained. It's one way of measuring team efficiency, though it's not perfect.

1. Auburn (2.39, 37th nationally)

Auburn is the number one team in the BCS, but it's not a dominant team. It beat Mississippi State by three, was fortunate to beat Clemson, and needed a meltdown from South Carolina to win. But, it's got a zero in the loss column and that's all that matters.

2. Alabama (10.44, 3rd nationally)

The Tide has been kind of lurking after its loss in Columbia, taking care of business and biding its time until the Iron Bowl. Not a bad strategy.

3. LSU (4.26, 24th nationally)

It took all the tricks LSU had to keep it close, but the Tigers somehow kept it close. A win might have been the biggest upset in terms of the box score ever.

4. Arkansas (-0.78, 69th nationally)

It took some perseverance to put the Rebels away, but they got the job done. Still, I think we can put any illusions about whether the defense has improved to rest.

5. Georgia (3.91, 28th nationally)

The surging Bulldogs might be the hottest team in the country outside the state of Oregon. They're definitely the turnaround team of the season.

6. South Carolina (4.51, 19th nationally)

That one against Vanderbilt is the kind of game South Carolina might have lost two years ago. The Gamecocks probably have turned a corner, even if it doesn't feel much like it at the moment.

7. Mississippi State (5.41, 14th nationally)

It's no fluke that these Bulldogs are 6-2. It's also not a big surprise that they nearly got caught napping by the UAB team that took Tennessee to overtime.

8. Florida (3.98, 27th nationally)

Florida hasn't gone into the Cocktail Party in this bad of shape since the week Ron Zook got fired. It's going to take some serious bye week magic to pull it out this year.

9. Ole Miss (-1.12, 76th nationally)

The Rebels are becoming more feisty, but the hole has already been dug for the year. Also, the defense is astonishingly bad.

10. Kentucky (-1.17, 77th nationally)

Kentucky has some fight and isn't terrible, but it's not really good either.

11. Vanderbilt (-0.37, 66th nationally)

The Commodores put up a pretty good fight against the Gamecocks, That counts for something, I guess.

12. Tennessee (-4.08, 97th nationally)

This team is frightfully bad. We knew depth was a problem, but it just dies in the second half.