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Sprints is Trying to Catch Up Without Hiring Steve Kragthorpe // 01.19.11

Sorry for the light content
I'm working on a post that's taking up a bit of blogging time and the whole "real world" thing hasn't helped.

Yes, LSU's search for an offensive coordinator includes Steve Kragthorpe, who took over Bobby Petrino's thriving Louisville program and artfully guided it into the ground. Kragthorpe has had some good seasons as a play-caller, but it's hard to evaluate his chances of sustained success well because he keeps moving around.

Quasitradition has been fully restored
LSU and Arkansas will play the regular season finale on Friday, which is the way it's been for years and the way it should be. The Iron Bowl returns to Saturday.

'Okay, so where do we put this thing?'
Do you think Alabama fans are happy that one of the awards now displayed in Auburn's trophy case will be the Paul "Bear" Bryant College Coach of the Year Award?

Now this is beginning to get really absurd
I know, I know, the sanction involved in this secondary violation was enforced by Georgia. But it's still the principle of the thing. While Mark Emmert says the NCAA can't do anything about parents trying to get paid for their students ...

Assistant coach Warren Belin sending a text message to 2011 commitment Amarlo Herrera. Belin was trying to send an e-mail from his cell phone "to all of his linebacker recruits," according to a letter from Georgia to the SEC, and accidentally hit the SMS address of Herrera. Belin reported the violation. The school prohibited the coaching staff from communicating with Herrera for two weeks.

Maybe they could have just barred the coaches from communicating with him for one day when they didn't plan on talking to him, and then started e-mailing him again the next?

Good thing this isn't part of the standard for evaluating Mark Richt
The Liberty Bowl, featuring the titanic matchup of Georgia and Central Florida, drew 11,511 fewer fans this year than last. That's bucking a trend of a small increase nationwide, and a sign that the fans in Georgia weren't thrilled even before the Dawgs lost to the Knights.