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SEC Softball Update: April 25

Let’s take a peek here as the season draws closer to its end.


We’re running out of time this season!:

SEC Softball Standings (thru 4/24)

Team Wins Losses Conf Wins Conf Losses RS RA Diff
Team Wins Losses Conf Wins Conf Losses RS RA Diff
Arkansas 35 8 14 4 325 147 178
Auburn 36 10 9 9 307 134 173
Florida 35 12 11 10 280 128 152
Alabama 39 8 14 7 270 120 150
Tennessee 33 13 11 6 295 153 142
Georgia 37 11 10 8 342 202 140
LSU 30 17 10 8 284 162 122
Kentucky 30 13 9 8 291 170 121
Texas A&M 26 18 5 13 271 161 110
Ole Miss 33 14 8 10 253 153 100
Mississippi State 29 19 8 10 252 170 82
Mizzou 27 17 7 9 229 153 76
South Carolina 25 24 2 16 262 222 40


  • Arkansas is still the top team in the SEC. They currently hold a two-game lead in the loss column over red-hot Tennessee and have otherwise hardly been tested. Their win total is matched by Alabama, who also have 14 conference wins. But the Razorbacks have scored 55 more runs this season and that’s what puts them over the top for me. They lead the conference in hitting, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage. Their offense also has the fewest strikeouts (177) in the conference and are five off the lead in home runs (82) to leader Georgia (87). I don’t think there’s too much cause for concern with their pitching, given that they’re fifth in strikeouts, have the second-fewest walks allowed (95), and the fourth-fewest runs allowed.
  • I get it with Alabama, though. They’re a strong team but I’m not sure I like their lack of power. The team still hits fairly well and has gotten on base a lot. But they’re eighth in hits and more importantly, 10th in home runs as they’ve yet to even get to 50 on the season. Offense is the name of the game and while ‘Bama has proven they can draw walks with the best of them and get on base, it’s perhaps worth noting they’ve only scored eight more runs than South Carolina. The Gamecocks, of course, are an SEC-worst 2-16 in league play and have the lowest run differential in the league. Their pitching is awesome, but I’m curious to see how their offense plays in the postseason.
  • Tennessee has really kept the train rolling lately. Minus one slip-up to VaTech this past week, Tennessee has won seven of the last eight games including a sweep of Texas A&M. They have gotten up to 33-13 on the season now after this torrid run. Over the eight-game stretch they’re on right now, they’ve outscored their opponents 55-23. Statistically, the Vols still might be showing some concerning signs, namely their offense, but this is just a really good team right now that’s caught fire lately for whatever rhyme or reason. Vol Softball has Ole Miss this weekend, which should make for an interesting trip to Oxford.
  • Getting swept by Arkansas wasn’t idea, but Auburn bounced back in a big way from that. They’ve won seven of the last eight games and took this past weekend’s series on the road against Mississippi State. Auburn will be tested this weekend and next though. They have two series coming up against Georgia and Tennessee, two ranked squads who’ve shown they’re pretty damn good. These represent big chances for Auburn to make a move in the SEC standings and assert themselves as a team not to mess with this postseason.