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SEC Power Poll, Final Results: The Tide Doesn't Turn Regardless of Results in New Orleans

Despite a difficult game in the Sugar Bowl, Alabama still lands on top of the conference among our voters. Where does everyone else go?

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1. Alabama Crimson Tide, 84 points (6 first-place votes)
2. Georgia Bulldogs, 75
3. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 66
4. Missouri Tigers, 62
4. Ole Miss Rebels, 62
6. Auburn Tigers, 57
7. Arkansas Razorbacks, 50
8. LSU Tigers, 40
9. Texas A&M Aggies, 38
10. Tennessee Volunteers, 34
11. Florida Gators, 22
11. South Carolina Gamecocks, 22
13. Kentucky Wildcats, 12
14. Vanderbilt Commodores, 6

Our voters seem to have hibernated with the disastrous end of the football season, but there is enough agreement among those who did vote to have some assurances that this is close to what the full group would have generated, though there might have been some separation in the case of the two ties.

First things first: Despite the face plant in the Sugar Bowl against Ohio State, Alabama is the unanimous No. 1 in this week's poll. That probably has something to do with the fact that none of the other teams that could have plausibly taken away the title did any better in the postseason. Georgia, which had perhaps the most impressive performance in any of the bowls (it's a short list, folks) clocks in at second as the West's wipeout in late December and early January undoes the division's stranglehold on the top of the rankings.

Mississippi State was actually the unanimous fourth-place team among our voters, but because of odd voting patterns with Missouri (a No. 2 vote, two No. 3 votes, two No. 5 votes, and a No. 10 (!)) and Ole Miss (which got at least one vote at every position from No. 2 to No. 7, with the exception of No. 4), the Bulldogs actually get the third spot in the polls.

Most of the other teams are relatively normal in vote distribution, with an outlier here or there. Florida got votes at No. 10 and No. 12, but none at No. 11 -- which opened the door for the tie with South Carolina. Kentucky and Vanderbilt, in that order, are your unanimous teams for the last two places in the poll, which really shouldn't surprise anyone.



Nick Saban has as many wins in the College Football Playoff as Houston Nutt. This stat may hold true for maybe another year, so enjoy it.--Arkansas Fight


One day, Bert is going to throw too much shade and lose himself forever to the shadows. Until then, I implore all of you to sit back and enjoy the ride.--Rock M Nation

Kevin Jairaj

Kevin Jairaj -- USA TODAY Sports


Losing to a team with a one-dimensional offense that lost its previous game by 59 points isn't the best way to convince me you had a good season, Auburn.--Get the Picture


Florida wins in Birmingham with a QB that was already released from his scholarship. That's just how good the SEC East was in bowl season.--Georgia Sports Blog


Nick Chubb though... He rushed for 266 yards and two scores on 33 carries all over Bobby Petrino's Louisville team. All I wanted was for Chubb, when asked about next season in his postgame interview, to answer: "Did you see our backup? Did you see me run the ball? I'm getting 45 carries a game next year!" Gotta hate the humble superstar.--Arkansas Fight


[basketball emojis]--Rock M Nation


Les Miles ought to be asking himself where he can find a functional quarterback.  Joe Alleva ought to be asking himself whose bright idea was it to pay Cam Cameron $1.3 million this season.--Get the Picture

Derick E. Hingle

Derick E. Hingle -- USA TODAY Sports


After all is said and done, I'm left with the basic impression of a team not ready for prime time.--Get the Picture


Laid a major egg against a very good TCU team, no doubt.  But Ole Miss has a couple of solid wins on the resume and was really hurt by key injuries.--Get the Picture


Three years after moving into their new digs, the Tigers have been to two SEC Championship Games, produced two SEC Defensive Players of the Year, and thwomped a B1G team in a January bowl game. Soon, Columbia will be filled to the brim with southern friend chicken franchises, country bars, and bag men. (publicly, CoMo has already checked off two of the three)--Rock M Nation


After an up-and-down season, the Gamecocks put together a win over Miami. Solid recruiting over the last couple of years shouldn't keep USC down for long. The question is, how much longer will Steve Spurrier keep doing this thing?--Arkansas Fight


I'm not ready to proclaim Tennessee a darkhorse SEC East contender, but I do think they'll give more teams than Georgia a tough game next year.--Georgia Sports Blog

Phil Sears

Phil Sears -- USA TODAY Sports


A&M is a decent defense from being scary. They are a good WR from being terrible.--Georgia Sports Blog


It can only go up for coach Derek Mason's program. Better luck next year.--Arkansas Fight