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Year2's Week 3 Picks

Let's build on some momentum.

Andy Lyons

Last week: 12-0 straight up, 6-3 against the spread

Season: 18-2 straight up, 8-7 against the spread

This week offers some more intrigue to the games, which makes this a better week for picking. I did pretty well last week despite my misgivings about the lame slate, so let's see if I can keep the momentum going.

As always, the lines come from the Yahoo! pick 'em game.

Missouri (-10) over UCF 27-20

The Knights have played in plenty of big games and won't be flustered here. They're also a good team that will give MU a good game. I think this line is a big of an overreaction to the Tigers' win over Toledo last week.

Vanderbilt (Off) over UMass 17-13

You are going to win this game, Vandy... right? As for the rest of you, don't watch this game. For your health's sake.

Georgia (-6.5) over South Carolina 33-30

Both of these teams can target the opposing defense where it's weak. Carolina can attack UGA's suspect secondary, while the Bulldogs can attack, well, the entire Gamecock defense. When the score creeps up, I like to take the points. That's what is happening here.

Arkansas (+2) over Texas Tech 44-38

This should be a wild shootout and a lot of fun. It's too bad it's on the same time as UGA-South Carolina because fewer people will get a chance to watch it as a result.

Ole Miss (-27.5) over UL-Lafayette 47-10

I will ride this Ole Miss defense on the cover wagon for as long as it'll go.

Mississippi State (-14) over South Alabama 30-24

USA has gotten to be feisty lately, and last week's failure to cover on MSU's part has me picking a Jaguars cover.

Alabama (-48) over Southern Miss 52-0

Mississippi State beat USM 49-0. Alabama can cover 48.

LSU (-31) over UL-Monroe 48-10

This line feels low, probably because dumb people betting in Vegas (there's plenty of them, folks) don't realize that ULM is really bad this year.

Florida (-18) over Kentucky 42-13

UK is improved, but people are getting carried away. It's not a good team, won't beat a bowl team, and has a hard ceiling at two SEC wins (and only if Tennessee has an injury plague). Besides, when Florida and Kentucky play, bad things happen, and all of them happen to the Wildcats.

Oklahoma (-20.5) over Tennessee 50-20

The Vols simply aren't ready to handle this kind of game. Not yet.

Texas A&M (-31.5) over Rice 55-13

We're at the point where I see TAMU favored by 31.5 over Rice and I think, "that's it?"