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Kentucky Wildcats vs. Florida Gators: Game Time, TV Schedule and More

It's not very likely that Kentucky will win this game. But that doesn't mean that we can't learn anything from it

Sam Greenwood

In some corners of Twitter and the comments sections around the Internet, this has become something of a trendy upset pick. Or at least a pick for the Wildcats to think things closer than people might think, given that Florida hasn't lost this game since 1986 and has won five of the last six meetings by at least 34 points. Even last year's doomsday Florida team beat the Wildcats by 17 points in Lexington.

Yes, I'm aware that the Wildcats are 2-0 for the first time in three years. Yes, I know that Kentucky hasn't allowed a touchdown in the first three quarters in either of their games this year. I'm also aware neither Tennessee-Martin nor Ohio are anywhere close to the team Florida is. Even without last week's impressive score against Eastern Michigan, or even accounting for the fact that the Gators racked up all those points against Eastern Michigan, there's scant evidence that Kentucky will be able to match up with Florida for four quarters.

On the other hand, this could be our first opportunity to see the Gators against a team that could at least give them a game. It's still too early to project UK into the bowl picture just yet, but a dominant or even semi-dominant win by Florida would at least indicate that the beatdown against Eastern Michigan was not just about Eastern Michigan. It wouldn't answer all the questions about the Gators -- that's unlikely to happen before the game at Alabama next week. But the hopes for Florida would look a little bit more reasonable.

Of course, if Kentucky can manages to keep Florida within its sights -- say, within a couple of touchdowns -- it could be time to start projecting the Wildcats into that bowl picture. And if the almost impossible should happen, and Kentucky actually wins the game, it could be time to start talking about the Wildcats as an upper-half of the division team.

The pattern, though, is likely to hold. The real question is what the margin will be, and which team that begins tonight feeling giddy will end the game with its best hopes intact -- and which one will leave with more questions left to answer.

Game Time: 7:30 p.m. ET

TV: SEC Network

Radio: Kentucky | Florida

Live Stream: WatchESPN

Brandon's prediction: Florida 34, Kentucky 14