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SEC Network Pregame Tailgate

It's showtime.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Happy SEC Network Day! It's finally here, and we will be getting a lot of details that we've all been dying to know. The only downside is that we'll have to wait until 2014 to actually see the thing take off.

What to Expect from the SEC Television Announcement

Spoiler alert! Here is a good guess as to what we will and won't hear today. Will: lots and lots of financial numbers. Plenty from ESPN, the league's partner in this. Hopefully a wide array of carriage partners. Won't: specific programming information.

EXCLUSIVE: TSK Obtains the Offseason Schedule for the SEC Network

Fear not on that last one, because we've already got the programming information for you. Monday is going to be a strong night on the SECN. Better watch your back, How I Met Your Mother.

Mike Slive is bullish

Can you blame him?

Steve Spurrier wants to share the wealth

He's been on the pay-the-players bandwagon for a while, and he's taking advantage of the SECN announcement to bang that drum a little bit more. Slive, for his part, isn't opposed.

Expansion's effect on the SECN in one, simple image

It's been a great year getting to know our new friends from Texas and Missouri. Our many, many friends from Texas and Missouri:

SEC Population

I made this chart last year on the day word of the network leaked, which happened to be before the July 1 date on which the league officially expanded. Scratch out "Current" and replace it with "Former".

If all goes well, we'll have plenty of coverage today. The press conference is at noon Eastern today, and there will be a live stream of it on the SEC's website (presuming a big traffic rush doesn't take it down). This new network has been a long time coming, so it's about time we finally get to meet the thing.